Supply Arrangements and other services

Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement
The Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA) is used for the delivery of various informatics security services required on an "as and when requested" basis to any department or organization to which Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is authorized to provide services.
Learning Services
The Learning Services method of supply offers both a Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement to create, update or convert government owned training courses including training material. It is a government-wide procurement vehicle designed to offer Federal Departments access to pre-qualified Suppliers who can offer these services.
Professional Audits Support Services Supply Arrangement
The Professional Audit Support Services Supply Arrangement (PASS-SA) is a federal government-wide mandatory procurement tool for the provision of professional services required to meet obligations set by 2 Treasury Board policies.
ProServices is a mandatory government-wide vehicle in the provision of non-informatics and informatics Professional Services below the NAFTA threshold.
SELECT is a database of approved suppliers providing construction, architectural and engineering services as well as related maintenance and consulting services. It is used by PSPC to invite firms to bid on Real Property opportunities.
Task-Based Informatics Professional Services
Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) is a vehicle for the provision of services to address specific Information Technology needs of government departments and organizations.
Task and Solutions Professional Services
The Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) is for the provision of Non-Informatics Professional Services, both task and solutions based. They will cover three core areas of expertise, Human Resources Services, Business Consulting/Change Management and Project Management Services, which are commonly and nationally used.
Temporary Help Services
The Temporary Help Services (THS) On-Line System is a tool to assist federal departments in their procurement of temporary help services up to $400,000 (which includes all subsequent amendments, travel/living expenses, overtime and GST/HST) or 48 consecutive weeks, whichever comes first.
Accomodation and Car Rental Directory
The Accommodation Directory offers information and rates on approved accommodations in Canada, the USA and other countries. It allows government travelers to search the directories using various parameters. The Car Rental Directory provides an alphabetical index of city listings in Canada and the USA. In each city listing, car rental firms and their rates are shown in ascending order by price per vehicle category.
Air Charter
An electronic catalogue listing companies offering domestic and some international Air Charter Services intended for use by federal departments/agencies and crown corporations.
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