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Process Flow Chart for the Completion of Green Procurement Plans

The flowchart outlines the process for completing Green Procurement (GP) Plans. The Commodity Management and Procurement Engineering Directorate (CMPED) begins the process by developing a list of commodity teams (CTs) to complete Green Procurement Plans for each designated commodity. A priority list is established and communicated to the Green Procurement Team (GPT). The three columns outline the responsibilities of each group: CTs, GPT and expert advisors. The expert advisors include: Office of Greening Government Operations (OGGO), Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Environment Canada (EC). The activities that follow include:

  • GPT provides orientation and support to the CT, including blank templates of questionnaire and scorecard which jointly form the GP Plan; the timeline for completion is established;
  • CT fills out the questionnaire and scorecard as best they can and sends them to GPT;
  • GPT conducts initial review, makes comments/suggestions and meets with CT to discuss RFI;
  • CT conducts internal and external research (e.g., Request for Information), uses this research to complete the first draft of the GP Plan (time allotted is 1 month and it must be completed approximately 6 weeks prior to RFX) and then sends it to GPT;
  • GPT conducts in depth review (time allotted is 4 days), and then distributes GP Plan to Expert Advisors (OGGO, OSME, NRCan, EC) for technical review;
  • Expert advisors conduct a technical review (time allotted is 5 days) and then send the GP Plan with comments/suggestions back to GPT;
  • GPT amalgamates comments into a single questionnaire and scorecard (time allotted is 1 day) and then sends this to the CT for review/update;
  • CT revises GP plan (time allotted is 5 days) taking into consideration the technical review findings of the expert advisors, then sends the plan back to GPT;
  • GPT reviews the updated GP plan (time allotted is 1 day) and sends any revisions to CT;
  • CT revises GP plan taking into consideration the final review findings;
  • CT provides finalized plan to GPT including translation (time allotted is 5 days)and sends their completed Commodity Plan (including GP Plan) to the Commodity Management Committee;
  • GPT archives an electronic copy of the finalized GP plan in the GPT repository, and sends a copy to the Electronic Acquisitions Business Directorate (EABD), Business Projects Division, who is responsible for posting the completed GP Plan on Publiservice (time allotted is 5 days).

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