Action Plan Summary

Table Summary

This table consists of the Backgrounder - Action Plan Summary, by item and status.

Action Plan Item Status
The funding envelope allocation for the acquisition of the F-35 will be frozen The funding envelope for the acquisition of the F-35 has been frozen. Canada remains a partner in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.
The Government of Canada will immediately establish a new Secretariat within PWGSC. The NFPS became operational in June 2012 and staffing occurred over the summer. The DMGC is meeting every two weeks in the Fall 2012.
National Defence (DND), through the Secretariat, will provide annual updates to Parliament, tabled within a maximum of 60 days from the receipt of the annual costing forecasts from the Joint Strike Fighter program office. On June 13, 2012, the NFPS announced that the DND annual update to Parliament would be delayed until Fall 2012, to allow for the completion of the TBS commissioned independent review.
DND will continue to evaluate options to sustain a Canadian Forces fighter capability. DND continues its work to evaluate options.
Prior to project approval, TBS will first commission an independent review of DND’s acquisition and sustainment project assumptions and potential costs. The contract was awarded to KPMG on September 7, 2012. The contractor’s final report is due by November 27, 2012.
Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) will review the acquisition and sustainment cost of the F-35 to ensure full compliance with procurement policies prior to project approval. On October 26, 2012, PWGSC issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to obtain the services of a firm to conduct an independent review of the steps taken up to June 2012 in the acquisition process. The contract is expected to be awarded in December 2012. The work will be delivered in early Spring.

Project approval will not be sought until the action plan is completed.

Industry Canada, through the Secretariat, will continue identifying opportunities for Canadian industry to participate and other potential benefits for Canada, and provide updates to Parliament. Industry Canada's report will be tabled in Parliament in the Fall 2012.