Seven-Point Plan Reports

Table Summary

The left column is the title of the report and the right is its description.

Evaluation of Options Unclassified Reports
Title Description
Summary Report – The Evaluation of Options for the Replacement of the CF-18 Fighter Fleet The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces conducted an evaluation of options to sustain a Canadian Forces fighter capability well into the 21st century. This report provides a summary of the unclassified findings of the evaluation, while respecting applicable non-disclosure agreements with other governments and industry.
Industry Canada Report on Industrial Benefits This report summarizes Industry Canada's assessment of potential industrial benefits associated with four fighter aircraft. The assessment is based on information submitted by companies as part of the evaluation of options market analysis. Specifically, companies were requested to provide information regarding their commitment to provide economic benefits in Canada and the approach they would take.
Fighter Threat Capability Assessment This is an unclassified summary of the comprehensive threat analysis conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces to examine the broad strategic environment, including emerging challenges for Canada's defence and security and specific technological threats over two time periods—2020/2030 and beyond 2030.
Mission Needs Report This unclassified version of the report outlines the analysis done by the Canadian Armed Forces to determine what tasks the Royal Canadian Air Force would need a fighter capability to perform. A method called capability-based planning was used, which helped to forecast the capability that would be needed to meet the threats identified for the two time periods.
Report on the Estimated Life Expectancy of the CF‑18 Fleet This is an unclassified version of the report on the analysis of the estimated life expectancy of the CF-18 fleet and an assessment of the CF-18's capability to contribute to operations beyond 2020, including recommended upgrades needed to maintain safe and effective operations.
Mixed Fleet Analysis This report summarizes the analysis completed to evaluate the implications of either the acquisition of a temporary or interim fleet of aircraft, or a long-term acquisition of more than one type of aircraft to accomplish the missions outlined in the Canada First Defence Strategy.
Other Seven-Point Plan Reports
Title Description
Review of the Acquisition Process to Replace Canada's CF-18 Fleet Samson & Associates conducted an independent review of the steps taken up to June 2012, in the acquisition process for the replacement of the CF-18 fleet. The report provides recommendations and highlights lessons learned along three broad themes:
  1. Memorandum of Understanding involvement and project management;
  2. roles and responsibilities between government departments; and
  3. enhancing oversight and the challenge function.
Response to the Review of the Acquisition Process to Replace Canada's CF-18 Fleet This report outlines the response to the recommendations put forward by Samson & Associates as a result of their review of the acquisition process.
Next Generation Fighter Capability – 2014 Annual Update This is the third annual update on the estimated life-cycle costs of the Joint Strike Fighter, developed in accordance with the KPMG Life Cycle Cost Framework.
Independent Review: Next Generation Fighter Capability - 2014 Annual Update This is the independent review of the life-cycle cost report by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT).
Canadian Industrial Participation in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program - Fall 2014 This is the fifth report developed by Industry Canada, outlining contracts and identified opportunities for companies in Canada to participate in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter global supply chain.