Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Project

Explore the project to acquire remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

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RPAS support Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance during domestic and international operations
Medium-altitude, long-endurance aircraft featuring beyond-line-of-sight capability, ground control stations and communications systems
Request for proposals (RFP) released to qualified suppliers
Next steps
Contract award anticipated by 2024

Project description

The Government of Canada committed to acquiring RPAS as part of its defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged. These RPAS will be integrated into a network of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems to enable near real-time flow of information essential to CAF operations. The aircraft will be piloted by certified CAF pilots from remote locations and will be capable of carrying and launching precision-guided munitions.

This is a multi-phased procurement. The national security exception provided for in the trade agreements that govern federal procurement processes has been invoked. RPAS and their associated systems are sensitive and are anticipated to be subject to the Controlled Goods Program.

The Government of Canada will continue to provide updates on progress by sharing non-sensitive information when possible.

The Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy applies to this procurement, requiring the winning suppliers to place investments in Canada equal to the value of the contracts.

Current status

On February 11, 2022 the formal RFP was released to qualified suppliers.

Procurement progress and engagement

Learn about the progress of and engagement involved in the procurement.

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