Defence and marine procurement

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) acquires defence goods and services, including ships, aircraft and supporting services on behalf of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and other government departments. We work with government and industry partners to ensure that CAF and CCG members have the equipment they need to carry out their important work, while leveraging economic benefits for all Canadians.


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Services and information

Air procurement initiatives

Procuring complex aerospace systems and equipment, as well as related training and maintenance services.

National Shipbuilding Strategy

Renewing Canada’s federal fleet for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard while rebuilding our marine industry.

Land procurement initiatives

Procuring land-based vehicles and equipment, as well as related systems and maintenance services.

Marine procurement initiatives

Supporting marine requirements outside of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

Defence procurement strategy

Improving Government of Canada defence procurement.

Electronics, munitions and tactical systems

Procuring a wide range of electronics, systems, weapons and munitions.

Industrial and technological benefits

Leveraging defence procurements to create jobs, innovation and growth for Canadians.

Contact defence procurement

Defence procurement contacts and Public Services and Procurement Canada international offices.

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