Repair, refit and maintenance projects

Contracts for ship repair, refit and maintenance requirements are competed for through publicly announced requests for proposals and invitations to tender. This work has benefitted numerous Canadian shipyards and suppliers across Canada.

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Arctic and offshore patrol ships and joint support ships in-service support contract

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Following an open and competitive process, the Government of Canada announced the award of a contract to provide in-service support, including refit, repair and maintenance and training, for both the arctic offshore patrol ships (AOPS) and joint support ships (JSS) in the summer of 2017. This combined contract approach is referred to as AOPS and JSS in-service support (AJISS).

Project at a glance

Contract awarded
June 1, 2017
Awarded to
The joint venture of Thales Canada Inc. and Thales Australia Ltd.
Vessels to be serviced
Contract value
Initial 8 year contract $800 million; Overall 35 year $5.2 billion (estimate)
Duration of service contract
Initial service period of 8 years, with options to extend services up to 35 years

Progress of the project

Since the contract was awarded, the contractor:

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Haida

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Haida
Hamilton, Ontario
This Second World War vessel is designated as a level 1 heritage asset
Belongs to
Heritage Canada
Historic site offering guided tours
Repair, refit and maintenance
Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) continues to provide procurement services for the maintenance and upkeep of this important Government of Canada asset

Halifax-class work periods

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The Government of Canada awarded contracts to Seaspan Victoria Shipyards Limited (British Columbia), Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (Nova Scotia) and Chantier Davie (Quebec) initially totalling $1.5 billion to carry out maintenance work on the first group of Canada’s Halifax-class frigates. These initial contracts guarantee a minimum of 3 frigates for each shipyard, with work planned to begin in the early 2020s and are expected to rise in value as additional work packages are added. These contracts are expected to result in up to 400 jobs at the shipyard, plus hundreds of related jobs for marine sector suppliers and subcontractors across the country.

Project at a glance

Contracts awarded
Summer 2019
Awarded to
Seaspan Victoria Shipyard Limited, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. and Chantier Davie
Vessels to be serviced
Halifax-class frigates
Contract value
Initial 5-year contracts: $1.5 billion; Overall: $7.5 billion (estimate)
Duration of service contract
The duration of the contracts will be extended up to the end of the life of the Halifax-class frigates until the Canadian surface combatants enter into service.


Interim icebreaker capacity for Canadian Coast Guard

The medium commercial icebreakers will help to ensure:

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Project at a glance for Interim icebreaker capacity for Canadian Coast Guard

Contract awarded
August 10, 2018
Number of vessels
Contract awarded to
Chantier Davie (Lévis, Quebec)
Vessels for
Canadian Coast Guard
Project budget
$843 million (for the acquisition and conversion of the 3 medium icebreakers)

Current status

Delivery and acceptance of vessels:

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