Industry Stakeholder Information Session Presentation

Industry Stakeholder Information Session Presentation (PDF, 263KB)

Presentation Outline


Key Outcomes for Today

Objectives for the Defence Procurement Strategy

Objective One

Deliver the Right Equipment to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Coast Guard in a timely manner

Early and Continuous Engagement

Establishes a framework for ongoing two-way communication between industry and government:

Defence Acquisition Guide

Description Defence Acquisition Guide

Challenge Function for Military Requirements


To improve transparency and ensure requirements are clearly understood.

Description Challenge Function for Military Requirements

Objective Two

Leverage our purchases of defence equipment to create jobs and economic growth in Canada.

Value Propositions to Improve Economic Outcomes

Threshold for Application of Value Propositions

Key Industrial Capabilities

Industrial and Technological Benefits

Independent Defence Analytics Institute

The government will establish an independent, 3rd party Defence Analytics Institute (DAI) to support its objectives for the DPS and its evaluation.

Export Strategy

Some key elements:

Objective Three

Streamline defence procurement processes.

Streamlined and Coordinated Decision-making

A Defence Procurement Secretariat

Permanent Defence Procurement Secretariat operating within PWGSC, that is expected to undertake or support the following activities:

Implementation Plan for the Strategy

Begins immediately…

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