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Acquiring ACSV in various configurations for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to replace current fleets.
360 ACSV based on the Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) 6.0 platform.
Initial spare parts.
Various vehicle add-on kits.
Technical manuals and training.
Contract value
$2,006,116,771.19 (including taxes)
Contract awarded to General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GDLS-C).
Next steps
The delivery of the first vehicles is anticipated in late 2020, with the last vehicles being delivered in 2025.

Project description

The Government of Canada will procure 360 ACSV to replace the Bison LAV and M113 Tracked LAV fleets. These vehicles will support a range of operations which include domestic disaster relief and overseas peace keeping missions.

The ACSV are based on the LAV 6.0 platform and will integrate with and support the existing LAV 6.0 platform currently in use by the CAF. This will provide a number of advantages including reduced training and sustainment costs, as well as the availability of common spare parts to fix vehicles quickly during operations.

The Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy, including Value Proposition, will apply to this procurement. This policy requires that companies invest in Canada equivalent to 100 percent of contract value.

Procurement progress

This project will be completed through a non-competitive process. 

  • On August 16, 2019, the Government of Canada announced its intention to purchase up to 360 ACSV and was in the final stages of contract negotiations with GDLS-C
  • On September 5, 2019, Public Services and Procurement Canada, on behalf of National Defence, awarded a contract to GDLS–C at a value of $2,006,116,771.19 (including taxes) for 360 ACSV, initial spare parts, technical manuals, and training. Various kits are also included in the procurement, such as:
    • Add on armour, mine blast, enhanced crew protection, laser warning system, side protection, and remote weapon station kits
  • The cost of the contract does not cover long term in-service support and infrastructure

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