Other Services

  • Air Charter
    The Air Charter Services electronic catalogue consolidates all relevant information contained in the Standing Offer for domestic and some international Air Charter Services.
  • Communications and Printing Services
    PWGSC provides all mandatory and optional procurement services related to communications to federal departments and agencies including advertising, public opinion research, audio-visual services, printing, communications and events management.
  • Freight and Courier Services (page available on Government of Canada network only) (e-Frisbee)
    E-Frisbee is a transportation software package that provides a competitive comparison of carrier rates and automated Government Bill of Lading for government shippers who use freight or courier services.
    SELECT is a database of approved suppliers providing construction, architectural and engineering (Consulting) services as well as related maintenance services. It is used by PWGSC to invite firms to bid on Real Property opportunities for Consulting up to NAFTA threshold and Construction up to $100,000.