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Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) provides mandatory and optional procurement services related to communications requirements on behalf of federal departments and agencies. Our objective is to deliver high-quality, responsive and cost-effective communication procurement services for the commodities under our responsibility.

Mandatory procurement services

Optional procurement services

Other services

Key resources

Mandatory procurement services

Optional procurement services, including, but not limited to

Other services

Copying licence. The licence allows employees of the Government of Canada to copy copyrighted material covered by the licence, for example newspapers, professional journals, books, and magazines, within the limits set out in the licence, without fear of liability for copyright infringement.

Additional resources

Quality levels and guides for printing. These documents are published as aids for establishing common standards between the Government of Canada and private sector suppliers for the quality assurance of printed products.

Cost recovery

PSPC offers federal departments and agencies extensive procurement knowledge and experience grounded in the skillful application of the federal government's legal and policy framework on procurement of communication services.

Unlike most other procurement services, Communication Procurement Services operates on cost recovery, charging an  acquisition fee of either 1.7% or 3%, depending on the commodity. The fee is based on the value of the contract award, and the value of any amendment that increases the value of the contract. PSPC obtained the authority to charge these fees in two Treasury Board decisions (1995 and 2010). For further details, please contact the key resources listed with the commodity of interest.

Information for government

Communication Procurement Services (This information is only accessible to federal government employees): This site provides more information to assist departments in defining and acquiring timely, effective and valuable procurement services to meet their department’s communication requirements.

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