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Certificate of Substantial Performance (Interim)


1. Authorized Contract Amount to Date:
2. Less Total to be Retained (as per Attached List):
3. Gross Amount Payable (1 - 2):
4. Assessments (as per Attached List):
5. Previous Payments
(Net Amount to Date of Previous Progress Report):
6. Total Deductions (4 + 5):
7. Contract Amount Payable (3 - 6):
8. GST/HST :
9. Amount of Security Deposit Not Returned to Contractor:


The undersigned certify that the work has been inspected and is complete except the portion of work described on the attached list.

Architectural - PWGSC or Consulting Architect

Signature Architectural: ___________________________________________

Civil - PWGSC or Consulting Civil Engineer

Signature Civil: ___________________________________________

Electrical - PWGSC or Consulting Electrical Engineer

Signature Electrical: ___________________________________________

Mechanical - PWGSC or Consulting Mechanical Engineer

Signature Mechanical: ___________________________________________


Signature Contractor: ___________________________________________

Acceptance of Work

I certify that the work is substantially complete except for the portions described on the attached list. Certified pursuant to Section 34 of the Financial Administration Act.