Delivering a simpler, more responsive and more accessible procurement system

One of our primary goals at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is to make buying processes less burdensome for both suppliers and government buyers. That’s why we are taking a number of steps to improve both the supplier and purchaser experience.

Services and information

Simplifying contracts

Shortening and simplifying procurement contracts.

Electronic transmission of bids

Allowing suppliers to send bids electronically.

Improvements to the platform

Improving to improve usability for suppliers.

Phased bid compliance

Allowing suppliers to correct errors in their bid in order to become compliant with contract requirements.

Challenge-based and agile procurement

Creating new approaches to simplify procurement processes.

Artificial intelligence source list

Providing a list of qualified suppliers to respond to the needs of federal departments.

Practitioner’s Guide for Procurement Pricing

Developing a guide to help make decisions on procurement pricing.

15 day payment pilot

Paying suppliers faster.

Gated procurement

Developing an innovative approach to expedite the selection of qualified suppliers.

Risk-based pilot project

Modernizing military procurement processes.

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