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Lists of innovations available for additional sales

The following lists display innovations that are currently available for additional sales.

Innovations eligible for additional sales—Standard component

List of standard innovations available for additional sales
Component type Innovation type Organization Innovation Description Province, City Priority Area Call Expiration date

Innovations eligible for additional sales—Military component

List of military innovations available for additional sales
Component type Innovation type Organization Innovation Description Province, City Priority Area Call Expiration date

Summary of additional sales

Additional sales is a procurement tool that allows testing departments to buy extra units of an innovation beyond the quantity purchased under the initial Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) contract. It also allows departments to test innovations who have previously been tested by other groups.

The benefits of additional sales

Testing departments benefit from additional sales because they are given the opportunity to:

How additional sales work

The process of purchasing additional sales includes a series of guidelines outlined below.

Eligible testing departments

The same federal government department under the original BCIP contract can request additional sales from the innovation.

Other federal government departments who did not participate in the initial BCIP contract can also request additional sales from an eligible innovation.

More than one federal government departments can request additional sales of an innovation.

Testing departments (or agencies) must be listed in the Financial Administration Act Schedules I, I.1 & II to be eligible to request additional sales.


For innovations from Call For Proposals 4-6, the contracting authority will determine the acceptable number of additional sales contracts per testing department.

Innovations from Call For Proposals 7 can each have up to three additional sales contracts.

Funding and contracting

Contracts for additional sales to further test an innovation are funded by the testing department.

Contracting is performed by the Science Procurement Directorate (SPD) of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Duration of additional sales contracts

The contract duration will be determined on a case by case basis depending on various circumstances, such as the time required to conduct test plans, seasonal requirements, manufacturing lead time, testing department resource availability, and security requirements.

In general, the contract period for additional sales will not exceed 12 months.

For software applications, including licenses, and maintenance and support, the maximum period will be 12 months.

Contract terms and conditions

Contracts for additional sales will be negotiated under the same terms, conditions and pricing structure as the initial BCIP contract

Process and resources for additional sales

Suppliers can promote this opportunity among eligible federal departments. Testing Departments interested in additional sales are responsible for:

Once the documents are completed, please email them to with the subject line “Space, Innovation, and Informatics Projects Directorate (Innovative Research Solutions Division).”

Questions about additional sales

Please email enquiries to: with “Additional Sales Enquiry” in the subject line.

Providing feedback to suppliers after testing is completed

Refer to the responsibilities of a testing department for information on how to provide feedback.

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