Micro unmanned Global Positioning System denied aircraft system

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Challenge name:
Micro unmanned aircraft system
Challenge sponsor:
Department of National Defence

Key features

The Royal Canadian Navy is investigating the use of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) class 1 mini/micro unmanned aircraft system that is hand launched and capable of operating in a Global Positioning System (GPS)-denied environment (such as inside a ship). The system would be able to enter a room, perform a scan of the room, including iFdentification of personnel or obstacles in the room, and transmit that imagery back to a hand held control station that is located outside of the room; all without the requirement for a GPS signal.

The goal of the challenge is to enhance the ability of naval boarding parties to identify potential threats while boarding vessels. The ability to deploy a hand launched system capable of preforming reconnaissance ahead of the boarding party would provide invaluable situational awareness and decrease the risk to personnel.

Phase 1: Request for information

Before accepting proposals, the program is seeking input from industry and innovators to determine if something commercially available already exists to address this challenge.

The Request for Information phase has closed for this challenge.

Phase 2: Proposal submission

Please monitor this page for updates.

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