Build in Canada Innovation Program

Do you have an innovative product or service that you want to get to market? Is your federal department looking for innovative solutions? Find out how we can help.


Call for Proposals 007 (EN578-17BCIP/A) is now closed.

We will announce the opening of the next Call for Proposals by the end of June 2018.

We have been experiencing a high volume of submissions, which is resulting in longer processing times for key program activities.

We are working closely with innovators, our evaluation partners at the National Research Council, and our testing partners to ensure we move innovations ahead as quickly as we can.

We appreciate your patience and your interest in our program.

Should you have any questions, please direct them to

Information for innovators

Understanding the Build in Canada Innovation Program

Learn how to get help to bring your innovation to market and how to solve government challenges.

Program eligibility and definitions

Learn about requirements and read our program definitions.

Submitting a proposal

Instructions on how to submit your proposal to the open call for proposals, or to a specific departmental challenge.

Departmental innovation challenges

Find challenges sponsored by various federal departments looking for innovative solutions.

Priority areas

The program accepts proposals under standard and military components.

Helpful tips for innovators

Helpful tips to help you improve the likelihood of receiving a testing contract.

Information for testers

Departmental participation

Learn about the options available to departments, and about the benefit from testing innovations.

Pre-qualified innovations currently available

Find a listing of pre-qualified innovations currently in a pool and instructions on how to test them.

Matched innovations

Find a listing of innovations that have been matched with a testing partner, but a contract has not been awarded.

Pre-qualified innovations available for additional sales

Find a listing of pre-qualified innovations that have already been tested by a department through BCIP, but are available for additional sales and further testing.

Pre-qualified innovations no longer available for testing

Find a list of archived pre-qualified innovations that are no longer available for testing.


Contact the program

Send us your questions to learn more about submitting a proposal, pre-qualified innovations, and the program.

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