Search and track large high-speed unmanned aerial vehicles

Find information about our high-speed unmanned aerial vehicles search and track challenge.

Challenge name:
Search and track drones
Challenge sponsor:
Department of National Defence

Key features

The Department of National Defence needs to develop effective counter unmanned aerial vehicle techniques to defend against the threat of potential malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Unmanned systems are widely used in the military. There are about 70 countries running military unmanned aerial vehicle programs. Following their successful deployment in military and intelligence sectors, drones have seen rapid adoption in the civilian applications. For example, they could be used for intelligence gathering, delivering explosive devices, or targeting critical infrastructures under the military or safety and security portfolio. The wide spread application of unmanned aerial vehicles increases military and public safety and security concerns.

Phase 1: Request for information

Before accepting proposals, the program is seeking input from industry and innovators to determine if something commercially available already exists to address this challenge.

The Request for Information phase has closed for this challenge.

Phase 2: Proposal submission

Please monitor this page for updates.

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