Key Contract Award Milestones: Build in Canada Innovation Program

Companies must complete the following steps to receive a contract for the testing of their Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) pre-qualified innovation.


Pre-qualified proposals are “approved in principle” and will not constitute a guarantee on the part of Canada that a contract will be awarded. Approved in principle for contract consideration is defined as conditional acceptance of the proposal subject to meeting the requirements outlined below.

Step 1 A: Retain signature from your testing department on the Innovation Transfer and Evaluation Agreement

Step 1 B: Develop a Statement of Work and test plan with your testing department

A BCIP representative will work with you and your testing department to help finalize the above-noted documents.

Step 2: Contract negotiations

Step 3: Contract award

As soon as your contract has been awarded, you are able to begin work

Please note: Delivery of the contract is based on the SOW and contract delivery schedule. Any work done prior to the schedule outlined in the SOW will not be reimbursed by Canada.

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