Advanced vehicle protection

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Challenge name:
Vehicle Ballistic Protection (Enhanced transparent armour materials and systems)
Challenge sponsor:
Defence Research and Development Canada

Key features

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) is Canada’s leader in defence and security science and technology. DRDC provides Canada’s military and national security groups with the knowledge and technological advantage to defend and protect Canada’s interests at home and abroad.

Transparent armour is an inherent part of many armoured vehicle fleets, be they tactical, logistic or engineering fleets. Transparent armour is the portion of a vehicle’s armour system with the lowest efficiency in terms of mass per meter square, when compared to its opaque counterparts.

The purpose of this challenge is to acquire vehicular transparent armour systems for large window areas that are lighter in weight, thinner and possess increased durability when compared to current commercially available glass-based systems.

Phase 1: Request for information

Before accepting proposals, the program is seeking input from industry and innovators to determine if something commercially available already exists to address this challenge.

The Request for Information phase has closed for this challenge.

Phase 2: Proposal submission

Please monitor this page for updates.

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