Responsibilities of a testing department

As a testing department for the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), you are responsible for:

Providing feedback

As a testing department, you will provide feedback to the supplier about their innovation after testing has been completed. Using a standardized feedback form, you will evaluate the satisfaction with the testing experience, success in meeting the requirements of the test plan, challenges encountered during testing and perceived benefits and future opportunities for use of the innovation.

The supplier can use your feedback to improve its innovation to bring it to market.

In-kind contributions

In-kind contributions are cash equivalent goods and/or services donated by participating testing departments in support of BCIP testing projects. They represent an incremental expense that the participating testing departments would not otherwise incur and are needed to complete the project.

The BCIP asks each testing department to donate cash-equivalent goods and/or services to support the testing project. Although your department does not pay directly to purchase an innovation, you are expected to support testing through in-kind contributions of expenses such as:

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