Welding robot to remove corrosion from ship hulls

Find information about our ship hull welding robot challenge.

Challenge name:
Ship welding robot
Challenge sponsor:
National Research Council and the Department of National Defence

Key features

To support Canadian technology we are looking for an innovative, multifunctional and easy-to-operate welding and cladding system to support the increasing Research and Development capabilities at the National Research Council’s Vancouver operation.

Canada’s federal fleet of large vessels and small ships could be supplied, maintained and refitted by Canadian shipyards and marine industry. Stricter performance and quality requirements put significant challenges on component welding and weld cladding and repair.

Phase 1: Request for information

Before accepting proposals, the program is seeking input from industry and innovators to determine if a commercially available solution already exists to address this challenge.

The Request for Information phase has closed for this challenge.

Phase 2: Proposal submission

Please monitor this page for updates.

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