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March 13, 2007

Record of Decisions

Government Office Furniture Advisory Committee Meeting (GOFAC)
Record of Decisions
March 13, 2007
11A1, Room 101
Gatineau, Québec

In Attendance

  • Bruce Maynard, Consultant (Chairperson)
  • Greg Rapier - Knoll Inc.
  • David Swire - Teknion Furniture Systems
  • Bruce Parratt - The Global Group
  • Jean Barbeau - Artopex-Plus Inc.
  • Eli Gilbert - Canadian Atlas Furniture Corp.
  • François Beauvais - Alternate - Totem Offisource Inc.
  • André Clément - Asokan Business Interiors
  • Rachelle Ayotte - Canadian Heritage
  • Howard Dudley - Industry Canada
  • Céline Bédard - PWGSC
  • Rory Ridler - PWGSC
  • Richard Marleau - PWGSC
  • Pierre Paquette - PWGSC
  • Denise Le Blanc - PWGSC


Item 1 Approval of Record of Decision

The Chair opened the meeting by acknowledging the fact that technical difficulties were encountered with the transmittal of the documents and that situation was being resolved. Furthermore Mrs Bédard advised that she also had difficulties with e-mails and receipt of the translated documents on time for the meeting.
Action: Committee

The Chair advised that should no objection be brought forward as a result of a motion being requested the motion would be accepted.

Item 2 Briefing Overview of the Departmental Working Group on Office Furnishings

Richard Marleau presented an overview on the Departmental Working Group on Office Furnishings (DWGOF) - Procurement Transformation. Mr. Marleau provided a handout containing relevant information and elaborated on the relationship between Facility Management/Real Property Services (RPS) and Acquisitions.
Action: PWGSC

RPS in their role as custodian are the Acquisitions largest purchaser of Office Furniture and as such will assist the Acquisitions Branch both internally and by supporting the new procurement strategies put in place. Mr. Marleau being well versed on both sides will be able to provide advice. The procurement reform will have a huge impact on the facility management community. When concerns were raised by industry members that there was no client representation on this committee, Mr. Marleau indicated that the intent is to start with PWGSC membership but eventually include membership of other departments.

Mrs Bédard advises the departmental working group on issues raised at the GOFAC meetings.

Item 3 Prioritization of Issues for Discussion

The issues were accepted as presented with the addition of one concern: how to match existing i.e. panel systems /the current install base as a result of the new procurement strategy.
Action: Committee

The industry members requested that rather than prioritize the issues as identified they would like to discuss item 4. They stated that by discussing the proposed RFSO document the issues would be forthcoming and prioritize themselves.

The discussion that followed took up the rest of the allocated time for the meeting.

Item 4 Discussion of Draft RFSO for Cabinets

The Chair advised that while discussing the RFSO issues the committee should attempt to establish whether the issues could be resolved on a short term or long term basis in addition to its importance to prioritize the issues. An example of an important but long term issue would be the issue of fiscal year end buying.

Members acknowledged this and advised that this would be achieved in the discussion on the proposed RFSO document.

The discussion that followed took up the rest of the allocated time for the meeting and as suggested the document attached reflects the areas that were addressed and the comments provided.

Mrs Bédard advised the members that agreements reached for the Master Standing Offers need not be the same for projects, and need not account for all cases as some aspects may need to be dealt with on an exception basis. The key was to find a balance.

Item 5 Other Items

For the next meeting it was proposed that a revised RFSO reflecting the changes be available or at least a summary of the areas discussed.
Action: PWGSC

Suggestion that a laptop with set up which would allow the document to be viewed on screen in particular the section of the RFSO being discussed and would assist if changes could be incorporated at the same time.

Item 6 Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held March 27, 2007 at Place du Portage, 11 Laurier Street, PDP III, Gatineau, Quebec, Tower A, 11A1 Room 101 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The agenda and the proposed Environmental Attributes will be sent to the members via e-mail prior to the meeting.
Action: PWGSC

Item 7 Round Table

The Chair advised that the members should keep in mind that we must work with what we have and to keep in mind the strategy. The Chair advised that upon reflection should any of the members want to bring forward other comments or issues to do so by e-mail to the Chair or Céline Bédard.
Action: ALL