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June 5, 2007

Record of Decisions

Government Office Furniture Advisory Committee Meeting (GOFAC)
Record of Decisions
June 5, 2007
11A1, Room 101
Gatineau, Québec

In Attendance

  • Bruce Maynard, Chairperson
  • Greg Rapier – Knoll Inc.
  • David Swire – Teknion Furniture Systems
  • Bruce Parratt – The Global Group
  • Jean Barbeau – Artopex-Plus Inc.
  • Eli Gilbert – Canadian Atlas Furniture Corp.
  • Gary Fawcett – Fawcett Files
  • André Clément – Asokan
  • Rachelle Ayotte – Canadian Heritage
  • Sean Macey – Basic Office Supplies
  • Céline Bédard – PWGSC
  • Richard Marleau - PWGSC
  • Rory Ridler – PWGSC
  • Pierre Paquette – PWGSC
  • Denise Le Blanc – PWGSC


Item 1 Opening Remarks and Roundtable Introductions

The Chair gave a brief overview of the agenda and participants identified themselves before the meeting began.

Item 2 Record of Decisions

The Record of Decision of May 22 was reviewed and adopted.

Item 3 – Basket of Goods

  • Definition of "series" has to be established however, it is difficult to define in the case of Freestanding i.e. more than one item within a series - aesthetic options. The Committee agreed to define a minimum range of a common list of products, and set parameters for evaluation.
  • Calculation of median: is understood as the lowest priced aesthetic option by series offered that meets the mandatory requirements. Needs to be further developed.
  • The "Baskets of Goods" were reviewed in depth and comments for each basket are listed below.
Executive Furniture
  • The revised "Basket of Goods" for Executive Freestanding Furniture was reviewed and further amended to reflect the members' input. Options for a series to be limited to two edge details (flat and radius) and four veneers (maple, walnut, oak and cherry). These would also be used for pricing. There is to be no limitation on the color of stain on the identified veneers.
  • In keeping with the Government of Canada's commitment to greening government operations, PWGSC will revisit reconstituted products as an alternative to existing wood veneer products in the future. Revised "Basket of Goods" is attached.
General Office – Fixed Components
  • The pricing layouts to be revised to be in keeping with the "Basket of Goods", including 5-sided corner units.
  • Requirement to include bow tops desks on the typical layouts.
  • New layouts will be developed for pricing purposes. The layouts will conform to the Fit-up Standards as they will be based on the stated space allocated under the standard.
  • The "Basket of Goods" was modified to reflect the Committee comments and will be reviewed at the next meeting.
General Office – User Adjustable Components
  • The incremental user height components will be removed from the "Basket of Goods" for Freestanding Furniture but will be considered when creating the "Basket of Goods" for panel systems.
  • Industry is to provide comments on the implications if PWGSC were to request products be qualified to CGSB (Qualification Program Listings -QPL) or that testing for their product be submitted at bid closing?
  • Industry recommends that ISO-9001 (Quality Systems) Certification be a mandatory criteria.
    Action: PWGSC

Item 4 – Environmental Considerations

While there is interest in defining environmental characteristics that go beyond the required mandatory requirements, there is no current established standard of what constitutes a "green" product. Industry advised that until such time as PWGSC clearly defines what "green" is they cannot identify measurable criteria to be used in determining greener products. PWGSC to research and advise the Committee.
Action: PWGSC

Item 5 – Government Purchase Descriptions

  • GPD-3 - Executive products must clearly define
    • Acceptable edge details and veneers
    • Keyboard – if the revised CAN/CGSB 44.227 has not been issued prior to the issuance of the RFP for Freestanding – incorporate the following definition into both GPD-3 and GPD-1:
    • A vertically and horizontally user continuously adjustable support surface for a computer keyboard, mouse and other input devices where the adjustment is provided by a jointed or segmented arm providing retractability of the support surface complete with keyboard and mouse below the primary work surface to which it is attached.
  • Depth of Pedestals - drawers a maximum height to be addressed i.e. to fit under 24" depth work surfaces.
  • Task light – to fit under hutch.
  • Hutch – hutch height to match the storage cabinets and towers.
  • Modesty Panel – to define that partial modesty must allow in order for electrical outlets to be accessed. Typicals are to be priced with full modesty as it the more expansive of the two.
GPD-1 - Freestanding products must clearly define:
  • Must reflect the same as identified above except for finish detail and veneers.
  • The range for the seated and sit-to-stand position for the user height adjustable products must be defined.
  • The government purchase descriptions (GPDs) will be revised to reflect these issues and will be revisited by the Committee.

Item 6 – Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held June 19th, 2007 at Place du Portage, 11 Laurier Street, PDP III, Gatineau, Quebec, Tower A, 11A1 Room 101 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The Record of Decision and revised "Basket of Goods" will be sent to the members via e-mail prior to the meeting.
Action: PWGSC

Item 7 – Roundtable and Closing Remarks

The members were advised that PWGSC would be revising the "Baskets of Goods", prepare an initial basket of goods to address "tables" and revise the purchase descriptions based on the comments identified during the meeting.
Action: Committee

NOTE: It was agreed that no meetings would be held in the month of July.