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Classifications Table of Contents (Version 1)

For each classification listed below in reference to the Minimum Mandatory Education Qualification requirements, note: 

When a Client is requesting a higher than the minimum education requirement than those specified in the Minimum Mandatory Qualifications for a given classification /level specified herein, the client has the authority to accept an alternative as long as that alternative does not go below the minimum education requirement identified for that classification. When used, the alternative must be specified by the Client in the Request for Availability (RFA) form for the Standing Offer and in the Request for Services (RFS) form for the Supply Arrangement.

In addition, when a minimum education is required for a given classification and level, and the THS Supplier submits a proposal / submission to either a RFA or RFS whereby the THS supplier provides evidence of a higher level of education as part of its submission, there will be no requirement from the Client to request additional proof by the supplier to demonstrate the lower education requirement as may be specified for the given classification and level.

Note that an “Asset Qualification” only applies for a RFA or RFS if the Client has specified it explicitly in the RFA or RFS form as an additional mandatory requirement with any ambiguous wording replaced (e.g. “may be required” or “is considered an asset” replaced with “is required”).