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Annex B - Basis of Payment

For the period of the Standing Offer, the Offeror will be paid in accordance with the Basis of Payment specified in each approved call-up, which will be determined in accordance with the following:

The all inclusive fixed hourly rate of the call-up must not exceed the hourly rate set out in the Weekly Price Revision.

The Contractor will be paid the all inclusive fixed hourly rates as follows, for work performed in accordance with the Contract. Goods and Services Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) is extra, if applicable.


Classification Level

All Inclusive Fixed Hourly Rate
$ __________________
(to be entered in THS Online System by specified date)

Pre-Authorized Travel and Living Expenses

The Contractor will be reimbursed its authorized travel and living expenses, reasonably and properly incurred in the performance of the Work, at cost, without any allowance for profit and administrative overhead, in accordance with the meal, private vehicle and incidental expenses specified in Appendices B, C and D of the Treasury Board Travel Directive and with the other provisions of the directive referring to "travellers" , rather than those referring to "employees".

  • Estimated Cost of Authorized Travel and Living Expenses: $ (To be determined at time of Call-Up)
  • All payments are subject to government audit.
  • All travel must have the prior authorization of the Identified User.