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Government Temporary Help Services Advisory Committee (THSAC) Meetings
Meeting Minutes Report– February 26, 2013

Place : Place du Portage, Phase III, Tower C, Boardroom 10C1-106

Date: 26 February 2013

Time: 13:00 to 16:00

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Acceptance of THSAC Meeting Minutes from January 28, 2013
  3. Update THS Training – Learning Harmonization
  4. THSAC – Governance / Structure (Feedback)
  5. Vendor Performance Review
  6. THS Update RENEWAL National Strategy for THS Assessment Framework
  7. Round-table Questions

Meeting Attendees

  • Vincent Robitaille (Chair), Senior Director – Professional Services Procurement Directorate (PSPD), Acquisitions Branch (AB), PWGSC – Chairperson
  • Dan Moorcroft, QMR Staffing
  • Martin Chenier, ACSESS
  • Paul Gagnon, Portage Personnel
  • Lucie Lambert, Library and Archives Canada
  • Brett Hughes, PWGSC, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Strategic Engagement
  • Helen Seto, PWGSC, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Strategic Engagement
  • Rose Spirito, PWGSC, Procurement Strategies Division
  • Lan Mao, PWGSC, THS A/Team Lead
  • Stephanie Riley, PWGSC, THS Team

Meeting Minutes

1. Opening Remarks/Welcome note

  • Vincent Robitaille, the chairperson for this meeting, welcomed all those in attendance.
  • An attendance sheet was circulated.
  • Handouts were distributed
  • Positive feedback from ACSESS representative and supplier representative on steps PWGSC is taking to involve supplier community in the THS procurement process. The industry applauded the positive culture change to a more transparent smart procurement process by information sharing and more supplier involvement.

2. Acceptance of THSAC Meeting Minutes from January 28, 2013

  • All in concurrence

3. Update THS Training – Learning Harmonization

  • Committee members were provided a link on February 22, 2013 to the 3 Professional Services Pilot Training modules and 8 questions to provide feedback on. The 8 questions were based on the Professional Services online survey.
  • PWGSC summarized feedback received
  • Additional feedback will be collected from committee members pertaining to specific modules
  • Suppliers asked about parties involved in the PS pilot training. PWGSC confirmed that a working group was involved that consisted of clients, a professional training consultant and 8 or 9 client authorities. This is the first time PS pilot training is presented to supplier community. It is still in its beta phase and is being tweaked for improvement.
  • Comments from supplier representatives at the table: Contents are great, but consideration should be taken to present the contents in a digestible manner to achieve better end results and enhance retention.

Action Item:

  • The committee members agreed to provide additional feedback and concrete examples to PWGSC by March 1, 2013 for PWGSC to build case study and quiz questions for THS learning module

4. THSAC – Governance / Structure (Feedback)

  • ACSESS endorsed the proposed governance model
  • PWGSC proposed that Terms of Reference needs to be defined for the committee and sub-committees

Action Item:

  • Committee members are to look for their copy of the Terms of Reference from 2006 and provide to PWGSC

5. Vendor Performance Review

  • A sub-committee consisting of industry representatives and a client representative will convene separately to discuss and review information and present the results to PWGSC

6. THS Update/RENEWAL National Strategy for THS/Assessment Framework

  • PWGSC provided an update on the THS renewal solicitations that are posted on MERX, the National Strategy for THS and assessment framework
  • Industry representatives commented that the renewal solicitation documents have been received by the industry positively.

7. Round-table Questions

  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
    Time: 13:00 to 13:30 Registration with Commissionaire from 1300 to 1330 hours)
    Meeting:  13:30 to 16:00 Meeting timeslot
    Location: Place du Portage, Phase III, Tower C – Boardroom 12C1 101A

Meeting adjourned at 15:10