Government Temporary Help Services Advisory Committee Meetings

The following is a brief introduction regarding the establishment of the Government Temporary Help Services (THS) Advisory Committee (THSAC) which shares its views and recommendations through regular meetings.

PSPC is streamlining and transforming its procurement approach to provide better value for Canadian taxpayers. The goal is to improve the design, management and delivery of procurement across government so that the government becomes not only a better buyer, but also a better customer.

As a forum for expressing views, this Committee has been created following the Industry Consultation held in September 2006 and will continue working on ways to improve the procurement process for Temporary Help Services (THS) for the National Capital Region. The Committee is comprised of a variety of Federal Government Department representatives as well as many Industry members. Through the Committee's advice and recommendations PSPC hopes to better meet the needs and objectives of the Government of Canada.

The website will be further updated in the coming months to provide additional information pertaining to other updates in THSAC such as Terms of Reference, members etc. As of November 2012, the THSAC members meet on a monthly basis to discuss opportunities to improve the THS Method of Supply. A copy of the THSAC past meeting minutes are provided for reference purposes and are to be considered in Draft for Discussion Purposes Only. Any decisions affecting the THS Method of Supply will be communicated accordingly to all industry and/or clients through specific communications from the THS Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement Authority.

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