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August 2016 - Updates to Temporary Help Services website

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is continuously improving the Temporary Help Services (THS) Standing Offer (SO) and Supply Arrangement (SA) for the National Capital Region (NCR) to better serve the needs of federal department client users and THS suppliers. In addition to the recent changes to the THS SO and SA for the NCR that took effect on July 8, 2016, updates have been made to the THS website for the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) classification under Stream 5 - Professional Services. These updates were needed to harmonize the English and French versions of the Minimum Mandatory Qualifications as there were some discrepancies between the two versions.

PWGSC will conduct a review of the requirements for each THS classification on the THS website to ensure that the requirements are consistent in both languages. THS clients and suppliers will be notified if this review results in any further changes to the THS website.

Federal department client users are advised to refer to the THS website prior to initiating their THS procurement processes and to continue to use it as a reference point going forward.