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Correspondence January 2016

Applicable to the NCR only

This email is addressed to the Identified Users of the standing offers for work stream 3A (part-time group training, in French, at the Offeror’s facilities):

Starting today, the standing offer EN578-093429/021/ZF (Work Stream 3A, part-time group training, in French, at the Offeror’s facilities) issued to the H-KIN school is set aside indefinitely. As a result, you can no longer send call-ups under that standing offer.

Knowledge Circle (SO EN578-093429/020/ZF) in now the only school offering language training under work stream 3A. The appropriate changes will be made to our Web site and will appear shortly.

For existing call-ups with H-KIN, the school has committed to honor them until the end of March 2016 (call-up expiry date). However, these call-ups must not, in any circumstance, be modified to extend the expiry date beyond this period.

As for new call-ups for the session beginning in April 2016, we request that you send your call-ups or an email as far in advance as possible to help Knowledge Circle properly plan for its teaching resources and classrooms needs.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact us at the following generic mailbox: