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Learning Services

Request for supply arrangement

Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) solicitations for the Learning Services supply arrangements have been posted on


The Learning Services method of supply (including both a Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement) is a government-wide procurement vehicle designed to provide access to pre-qualified Suppliers who can:

The streams are the following:

Table of contents

  1. Federal Department Login
  2. Supplier Login
  3. Standing Offer (SO)
  4. Supply Arrangement (SA)
  5. Categories
  6. Contact Acquisitions
  7. Templates
  8. Enrolment Instructions - Clients
  9. Federal Department Authorized Users
  10. Common Security Requirements Checklists (SRCLs)
  11. Standing Offer Travel & Living Information
  12. Supply Arrangement Travel & Living Information
  13. Contracting with Former Public Servants under a Standing Offer or a Supply Arrangement
  14. Quarterly Usage Reports Instructions

Centralized Professional Services System ePortal

The Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) is the e-portal for Professional Services and home to the Learning Services method of supply.

Contact information

For contact information please refer to Public Services and Procurement Canada's (PSPC) Contact Acquisitions page.