Travel services

Resources for authorized Government of Canada (GC) travellers on official business.

Shared Travel Services portal

The Shared Travel Services (STS) portal is an online travel management solution for authorized GC travellers on official business.

From the portal, travellers can:

The STS portal supports the GC’s priorities for greater accountability, visibility, and transparency in service delivery. It also modernizes and standardizes the processes for booking travel.

Shared Travel Services portal


By choosing to follow this link, you will be navigating away from this Government of Canada website to a contracted service provider.

Other information and resources

Accommodation and car rental directory

The accommodation directory offers information and rates on approved accommodations in Canada, the USA and other countries. It allows government travellers to search the directories using various parameters. The car rental directory provides an alphabetical index of city listings in Canada and the USA. In each city listing, car rental firms and their rates are shown in ascending order by price per vehicle category.

Accommodation and car rental directory

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