Chief Quality Officer of the Translation Bureau

Julie Poirier

Julie Poirier graduated with a Bachelor of Translation from the University of Ottawa in 2001 and was recruited by the Translation Bureau the same year. She worked in the field of social sciences mentored by experienced revisers until 2005, when she was assigned by the Bureau to coordinate the translation of the transcripts of the highly publicized Gomery Commission. In addition to coordinating this large-scale translation project, Ms. Poirier also contributed to the quality assurance process alongside a team of skilled revisers. After the Gomery Commission, Ms. Poirier then took the reins of the Bureau's Courts Unit. During her four-year tenure in the legal translation field, she focussed her efforts on succession planning, given the specialized nature of the field of work. Ms. Poirier stepped up hiring of interns and new recruits, including many graduates from the University of Ottawa's Master of Legal Translation, offered at that time.

In 2010, Ms. Poirier was appointed Director of the Life and Sciences Division and subsequently at Parliamentary Proceedings. Since 2015, she has served as Director of Parliamentary Interpretation leading a team of more than 40 highly skilled interpreters who provide top quality interpretation services to the House of Commons, the Senate and to all parliamentary committees. The parliamentary environment is fast-paced, with a high demand and priorities that change with the hour. Over the past two years, Ms. Poirier has again focussed her efforts on recruiting, this time in interpretation, a cutting-edge field facing a shortage of skilled talent. Nine new recruits joined her team and are provided world class mentoring and training. She has been actively involved in a partnership with the University of Ottawa where Translation Bureau Senior Interpreters from her team contribute to the development of a highly skilled workforce in interpretation.

As a language professional with over 15 years of experience, Ms. Poirier is relishing this new opportunity as the Bureau's first Chief Quality Officer to ensure that quality remains the hallmark of the Translation Bureau's service to government and to Canadians.