Book 3 - Support and Services to the Minister's Office

Table of Contents

Ministerial Services—Your Single Window for Administrative Services

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Roles of the Minister and the Deputy Minister
    2. Role of the Departmental Assistant
    3. Ministerial Services Unit
  2. Support for the Minister's Set-Up
    1. Transition Administration
    2. Floor Plan
  3. Support for the Set-Up of the Minister's Office
    1. Security
      • Security Overview
      • Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning
    2. Information Management
      • Information Management / Information Technology Services
      • Handling and Safeguarding Classified and Protected Information
    3. Human Resources
      • Exempt Staff
      • Departmental Staff
      • Human Resources Services
    4. Finance
      • Minister's Office Budget Outline
      • Finance and Accommodation
  4. Services to the Minister's Office
    1. Communications
    2. Access to Information
    3. Privacy
    4. Briefing, Correspondence and Governance
    5. Ministers' Regional Offices
    6. Supporting the Minister in Cabinet and at Treasury Board
    7. Parliamentary Affairs
    8. Parliamentary Secretary
  5. Important Documentation
    1. Treasury Board Policies for Ministers' Offices
    2. Authorities, Codes of Conduct, Legislation, etc.
      • Policy on Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment
      • Code of Conduct for Procurement
      • Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector
      • Conflict of Interest Rules for Ministerial Staff
      • Delegation of Authorities
      • Official Languages
      • Minister's Responsibilities with Regard to Access to Information
      • Minister's Responsibilities with Regard to Privacy Protection
    3. Departmental Policies
      • Policy on the Allocation and Usage of Information Technology
      • Policy on Information Technology Security
      • Information Management in a Minister's Office
      • Policy on Information Management
      • Policy on Records Management and Information Holdings
    4. Reference Documents