GCSurplus: A second life for thousands of items

Doing something for the environment can take many forms. For example, you can recycle or use public transportation. The main thing is to reduce your consumption. So why not give a second life to good quality items and goods?

Rectangular black carpet with “GCSurplus” logo written on it in red and white at the entrance of an office

More than 50 years ago, recycling was common in large families. Shoes and clothes in good condition were often passed on to the younger members of the household. The Government of Canada has been doing something similar through GCSurplus since 1944!

Giving a second life to objects and material goods is one of the best ways to recycle, to participate in the collective environmental effort and to reduce consumerism.

GCSurplus increases the life cycle of surplus and forfeited goods for the benefit of the environment, Canadians and our communities.

Did you know that, every day, GCSurplus helps reduce Canada's carbon footprint? It extends the life cycle of surplus government assets through recycling, transfers to other departments and agencies, sales to the general public and donations to eligible organizations.

GCSurplus also has a variety of recycling programs that keep batteries, scrap metal and some electronic waste out of the country's landfills. In batteries alone, GCSurplus recycles approximately 50,000 kilograms of material!

Warehouse with a yellow forklift in front of boxes on shelves and on the floor

New items are added regularly to the website, such as jewelry, collectibles, appliances or even large quantities of materials (metal, wood, textile). The variety of items can be surprising.

By buying on GCSurplus, you can help protect the environment in a concrete way. A simple click can save some 30,000 items from the landfill every year. To learn more, take a look at the video called GCSurplus: Not your average warehouse.

“Over the past year, more than 3 million people have visited GCSurplus, an increase over the previous year,” says Chantal Akeson, Manager of the Business Management Division for GCSurplus.

Choose, bid, pick up

Shopping on GCSurplus is quick and easy. Simply register, browse new and used items at great prices and bid on the items you want, all from the comfort of your home. For most items, contactless curbside pickup is available, as well as home delivery on select items.

Join us! Honour Earth Day by visiting GCSurplus. Get that tool you need or find your sister-in-law's next gift. Great surprises are waiting for you: give these items a second life to while contributing to a greener environment and greening government operations.

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