Another step closer to anti-racism, diversity and inclusion

Over the past year, there have been a number of discussions about systemic racism and discrimination and how to make concrete and long-lasting changes that will promote a more equitable, diverse and inclusive federal public service. Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is continuing to build on its existing diversity and inclusive practices not only to attract, retain and develop employees from diverse groups, but also to learn from their varied experiences, talents and perspectives in order to foster a better workplace.

PSPC is proud of its diverse workforce and works hard to create an inclusive workplace through various programs and initiatives, while complying with the Employment Equity Act. Respect and inclusion are core values at PSPC .

Task Force on Anti-Racism, Workplace Culture and Equity

In December, PSPC created the Task Force on Anti-Racism, Workplace Culture and Equity. The task force is led by departmental employees from the 4 designated employment equity groups: women, Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and visible minorities. It ensures that PSPC implements the initiatives and tools required to meet the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s new commitments on diversity and inclusion. In doing so, the task force is helping to change the workplace culture and to implement measures that will reduce barriers to inclusion.

One way the task force is bringing PSPC closer to its anti-racism, diversity and inclusion goals is by talking to employees about their experiences in the department. These discussions are helping to improve and complement the actions being taken to address related issues.

An advisory council, also set up by the department, is responsible for building cultural competency and for providing PSPC ’s task force and executive committee with policy expertise on matters relating to anti-racism and inclusion.

The 4 designated employment equity groups are:

  • women
  • indigenous peoples
  • people with disabilities
  • visible minorities

Task force commitments

On October 5, 2020, the Clerk of the Privy Council shared a set of commitments and priorities on diversity and inclusion that reflected their importance as outlined in the Speech from the Throne. In keeping with this set of commitments, here are some of the steps the task force is taking to lay the groundwork for change:

  • fostering inclusive leadership through unconscious bias and anti-racism training
  • engaging in dialogue that will de-stigmatize discussions on racism and systemic barriers
  • actively supporting the recruitment rates of Indigenous peoples, Black people, people of colour and people with disabilities

The most successful organizations in the world recognize that diversity and inclusion improve innovation and understanding of client needs, increase productivity and create healthy and respectful workplaces. That is why PSPC is actively engaged in attracting new talent from diverse groups.

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