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Investigating fraud and conflicts of interest in the public service

The Special Investigation and Internal Disclosure Directorate is responsible for looking into suspected fraud and conflict of interest. Learn what it’s like to work in the directorate from team members Réal Benoit and Daniel Laurence.

The Receiver General: A 22-year streak with clean audits of Canada’s books

Since the late 1990s, Canada’s financial statements have received a perfect bill of health. Will the COVID‑19 pandemic affect the 22-year streak of clean audits?

Another step closer to anti-racism, diversity and inclusion

In December 2020, the department created the Task Force on Anti-Racism, Workplace Culture and Equity to help change the workplace culture and implement measures that will reduce barriers to inclusion. Learn more about the commitments of the Task Force.

Élise Côté: Bringing more women into the marine world

Meet Public Service and Procurement Canada employee Élise Côté. Élise has spent a successful 20-year career in what for some women might be considered a non-traditional profession. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Élise reflects on her career in the hope that her story might inspire other women and girls.

Creating order from chaos and out trending Bieber

Some Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) employees have been working since March 2020 to procure personal protective equipment for Canada’s health system. Faced with an unprecedented emergency, they had to find new and innovative ways of working while showing dedication, professionalism and care.

An awesome, life-changing experience

Get to know a public servant involved in the mission to protect Canadians against COVID-19 who found depths of energy and determination that even she found surprising.

How one Canadian company extended the life of disposable N-95 masks

Read about when the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to spread across Canada, there was a chronic shortage of N-95 masks for frontline health care workers.

WUXLY: Made-in-Canada personal protective equipment

Find out how a Toronto-based company went from creating environmentally and animal-friendly coats to producing more than a million reusable gowns for the Government of Canada.

Edmonton’s PRI-MED: A COVID-19 story like no other

Read about an Edmonton-based company that owns 3 manufacturing plants in China. They have been making personal protective equipment for use in Canada and around the world.

Hawktree Solutions providing the goggles, masks and hand sanitizer

Read the story behind a business we contracted to supply goggles and masks and Quebec-made hand sanitizer.

Medicom Group supporting Canada’s efforts to combat COVID-19

We contracted a Montréal-based international medical supplier to supply N95 respirators and level 3 surgical masks.

From a WhatsApp message to a federal contract

Read how owners of small businesses combined their firms’ skills to produce 4 million face shields for the federal government.

Indigenous-owned company delivering essential goods

We awarded a contract to Spirit Healthcare from Manitoba. The company is supplying personal protective equipment to help all Canadians during the pandemic.

Fluid Energy making 10 million litres of hand sanitizer

Read about a Canadian business we contracted to make 10 million litres of hand sanitizer for the Government of Canada.

The Stevens Company helping us in the fight against COVID-19

Read about a medical supply distributor we contracted to supply gloves, masks, gowns, alcohol and disinfectants during the pandemic.

Supplying face shields during COVID-19

Read the story behind a small Canadian business we contracted to supply face shields for Health Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All hands on deck at Receiver General for Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic

Read how employees at the Receiver General operations in Matane, Quebec, went back to work in April to ensure Canadians received their payments.


Heritage protection: Kate Westbury, Heritage Lead for the Centre Block rehabilitation

Heritage protection sometimes comes with great risks. Kate Westbury is part of the team that helps determine whether valuable heritage items should be removed or kept in place to protect them during the rehabilitation of the Centre Block.

War Paintings move out of Centre Block

In preparation for the rehabilitation of the Centre Block, Public Services and Procurement Canada removed and restored the eight War Paintings that were hung in the Senate Chamber for decades. The paintings have now been moved to the Canadian War Museum for the duration of the Centre Block Rehabilitation Project.

Supporting transgender employees

We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirited (LGBTQ2+) community. Watch to learn about our guide for employees and managers.

Exploring accessibility and federal procurement

Watch how we’re learning about where barriers exist so we can make buying and selling for the federal government more accessible for persons with disabilities.

Buying new search and rescue aircraft

Meet Sébastien Prévost, the Director of the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement Project.

GCSurplus, not your average warehouse

GCSurplus is the Government of Canada’s organization responsible for selling surplus goods. Learn how Canadians can use the online auction website to buy slightly used items at a great price, which saves money and helps the environment.

Maintaining Canada’s national monuments

PSPC maintains the National War Memorial and other important monuments. Meet Patrick Cadieux, the employee responsible for the monuments in Ottawa.

Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury

This video presents the work done to restore the historic building after a fire. Meet some of the people responsible for the restoration.

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