The move to modern energy

The Energy Services Acquisition Program is modernizing the way the federal government heats and cools buildings in the National Capital Region. Learn about the history of the 5 central heating and cooling plants and how they will be updated to be more eco-friendly.

Carbon-free energy coming to two landmark federal buildings

The National Printing Bureau and National Research Council buildings will be modernized to be more ecological. Learn about the process to make these federal buildings more environmentally friendly.

Tunney's Pasture and Confederation Heights

In the mid-1900s, the Tunney's Pasture and Confederation Heights heating and cooling plants were both included in the Government of Canada's Gréber urban development plan. In 2021, the Tunney's Pasture plant will be newly built and the Confederation Heights plant will be completely modernized.

The Cliff plant

The Cliff plant was originally built to provide heat to buildings within Ottawa's Parliamentary Precinct over 100 years ago. Present day, a new Cliff plant will be constructed and include modernized heating and cooling technology.

The Energy Services Acquisition Program: Stage 1

In 2019, the Energy Services Acquisition Program contracted Innovate Energy to modernize the heating and cooling in the National Capital Region buildings. Learn about the updates coming to the District Energy System, and the progress made in Stage 1.

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