Organizational structure for Public Services and Procurement Canada

PSPC Organizational Structure. Text version is below.

Organizational structure – text version

  • Minister and Receiver General for Canada
    Anita Anand
    • Procurement Ombudsman
      Alexander Jeglic
    • Deputy Minister and Deputy Receiver General for Canada
      Bill Matthews
      • Associate Deputy Minister
        Arianne Reza
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, HR-to-Pay Stabilization, Project Management Office
        Gini Bethell
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Pay Administration
        Stephanie Kirkland
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Receiver General and Pension
        Jean-Pierre Blais
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Defence and Marine Procurement
        Simon Page
      • Acting Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement
        Michael Mills
        • Acting Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement
          Lorenzo Ieraci
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property Services
        Stéphan Déry
        • Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property Services
          A/Jean-François Lymburner
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure
        Rob Wright
        • Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure
          Duncan Retson
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources
        Kiran Hanspal
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Planning and Communications
        James Stott
      • Assistant Deputy Minister of the Pay Solutions Branch and the Digital Services Branch and Chief Information Officer
        Kim Steele
        • Deputy Chief Information Officer
          Stéphane Guèvremont
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Departmental Oversight
        Johanne Bray
      • Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Administration
        Wojciech (Wojo) Zielonka
      • Chief Executive Officer, Translation Bureau
        Lucie Séguin
      • Chief Audit Executive
        Marc Bélisle
      • Mental Health Ombud
        Magalie Brabant
      • Senior General Counsel and Executive Director
        Boris Uléhla
      • Regional Director General, Atlantic
        Glen Hynes
      • Regional Director General, Quebec, Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Special Projects
        Rosanna Di Paola
      • Regional Director General, Ontario
        Alexia Touralias
      • Regional Director General, Western
        Cheryl Baraniecki
      • Regional Director General, Pacific
        Yvette-Monique Gray
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