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Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) plays an important role in the daily operations of the Government of Canada as a key provider of services for federal departments and agencies. It supports them in the achievement of their mandated objectives as their central purchasing agent, linguistic authority, real property manager, treasurer, accountant, integrity adviser, and pay and pension administrator.

The department's vision is to excel in government operations, and our strategic outcome and mission is to deliver high-quality, central programs and services that ensure sound stewardship on behalf of Canadians and meet the program needs of federal institutions.

What makes us unique

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Our vision: to excel in government operations.

Our mission: to deliver high-quality programs and services that meet the needs of federal organizations and to ensure sound stewardship on behalf of Canadians.

Public Services and Procurement Canada plays a critical role not just in government, but in the Canadian economy and Canadian society.

With more than 17,000 employees across the country, and offices serving communities from coast to coast, we manage an annual budget of over $5 billion.

Our responsibilities are considerable.

Our importance is undeniable.

Our impact is extraordinary:

  • We are the largest owner and manager of office space in the country, providing safe, healthy and productive working environments for federal employees across Canada, including accommodation to parliamentarians and more than 265,000 public servants in various locations throughout Canada.
  • We are the central purchaser for the Government of Canada, injecting more than $16 billion annually through government procurement. That’s more than any other public organization in the country.
  • We are the largest translation organization within Canada, providing translation, interpretation and terminology services to federal departments and agencies, and parliamentarians.
  • We are Canada’s largest payroll and pension administrator, handling compensation for more than 900,000 government pay and pensioner accounts.
  • We make and accept all payments on behalf of the government, handling more than $2 trillion in cash flow each year.
  • We play an important role in greening government operations and ensuring that our buildings, programs and services are accessible and inclusive for everyone.
  • We are experts in a wide variety of fields, from professional purchasers to translators, and from engineers to project managers, just to name a few.
  • Together, we are committed to client service and strengthening partnerships with our clients across government. Our people are our greatest asset.

Our fundamental values of respect, integrity, excellence and leadership guide the way we help our government, our people and our communities.

We are PSPC.

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