Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) continuously strives to be transparent and accountable in how it does business.

Client Service

Archived—Our Services, Standards and Results 2018 to 2019—just one of many PSPC initiatives that can be found on the Client Service website.

Open Data

Open Data, especially open government data, is a tremendous resource that is as yet largely untapped. Many individuals and organizations collect a broad range of different types of data in order to perform their tasks. Government is particularly significant in this respect, both because of the quantity and centrality of the data it collects, but also because most of that government data is public data by law, and therefore could be made open and made available for others to use.

Management Accountability Framework

The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) establishes the elements that set out the Government of Canada’s expectations for sound public service management. The MAF was developed by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) to provide deputy heads and all public service managers with a list of management expectations that reflect the different elements of current management responsibilities.

Proactive Disclosure

The Government of Canada is working hard to improve the proactive disclosure of information so that Canadians are better able to hold Parliament, the government, and public sector officials accountable.

Access to Information and Privacy

The Access to Information Act gives Canadian citizens and persons present in Canada the right to access information in federal government records. The Privacy Act provides citizens with the right to access personal information held by the government and the protection of that information against unauthorized use and disclosure.

Access to information and privacy at Public Services and Procurement Canada

For more information, contact Access to Information and Privacy.

Government of Canada’s Integrity Regime

The Government of Canada’s Integrity Regime is designed to safeguard the integrity of its procurement and real property transactions by ensuring that it does business with ethical suppliers in Canada and abroad. The Government is committed to an open, fair and transparent procurement process, while obtaining the best possible value for Canadian taxpayers.

Office of the Procurement Ombudsman

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman is an independent organization with a government-wide mandate, which is defined in the Federal Accountability Act. Its overall objective is to ensure the fairness, openness and transparency of government procurement.


PSPC aims to improve the accessibility of its programs and services for people with disabilities. By ensuring that people with disabilities are considered in its policies and practices, PSPC is in a better position to help federal departments provide high-quality programs and services to all Canadians.

Fairness Monitoring Program

The Fairness Monitoring Program provides management, client departments, government suppliers, Parliament and Canadians with independent assurance that PSPC’s activities are conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner.

Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Business Dispute Management Program

The PSPC’s Business Dispute Management Program provides conflict prevention and alternative dispute resolution services.

Internal Audits and Reviews

PSPC’s Office of Audit and Evaluation provides reasonable assurance on the effectiveness and adequacy of risk management, controls, and governance processes through its internal audit function; and, the relevance and performance of departmental programs, policies, and initiatives through its evaluation function. The Internal Audit and Evaluation Reports can be found here.

Responding to harassment or violence

PSPC is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment, free of harassment and violence, to all persons employed by the department. Find out how to accurately submit a notice of occurrence.

Learn more about: Responding to harassment or violence at Public Services and Procurement Canada

Ethical Issues and Concerns

Members of the public who have reason to believe that a public servant has not acted in accordance with the Values and Ethics Code of the public sector can bring the matter to an organizational point of contact that has been designated for the handling of such concerns or to the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner to disclose a serious breach of this Code.

PSPC Values and Ethics Help Line 1‑866‑516‑2276.


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