PWGSC National CADD Standard

5.0 Annex A - CADD Layers

Civil Engineering, Site Design and Landscape Architecture

Table Summary

The Standard Layer List below lists the most-used layer names for the Civil Engineering, Site Design and Landscape Architecture discipline defined under the PWGSC Layering Standard. New layer names can always be created using the field abbreviations and extensions listed in Annex B Layer Field Descriptions. The French abbreviations are listed just as a reference and should only be used on drawings annotated in French.

English Abvn Description French Abvn
C-BH Borehole Data (Geotechnical) C-FO
C-BH-IDN Borehole identification numbers C-FO-NUI
C-BH-LOG Borehole logs and data C-FO-SCH
C-BH-SMP Soil sample locations C-FO-SON
C-BH-SPR Stratigraphic profiles C-FO-STR
C-BH-WEL Geotechnical or environmental monitoring wells C-FO-PUA
C-DI Diesel Fuel Distribution C-DI
C-DI-MAN Diesel fuel manholes C-DI-PUA
C-DI-MET Diesel fuel meters C-DI-CPT
C-DI-PIP Diesel fuel pipelines C-DI-PIP
C-DI-VAL Diesel fuel valves C-DI-VAN
C-EN Environment C-EN
C-EN-CTM Contamination zone C-EN-CTM
C-EN-PLM Plume outline C-EN-CPA
C-EN-TNK Holding tank C-EN-RSV
C-GL General C-GL
C-GL-PIC Inserted pictures C-GL-IMA
C-HY Hydrology C-HY
C-HY-CAT Catchments area C-HY-BAV
C-HY-FLO Flow, discharge C-HY-ECO
C-HY-ICE Ice thickness C-HY-GLA
C-LD Landscaping C-AX
C-LD-ART Artwork, special features C-AX-ART
C-LD-BRD Foot bridges C-AX-PAS
C-LD-CON Concrete features, slabs C-AX-BET
C-LD-FIL Filling zone C-AX-REM
C-LD-FLG Flagpoles C-AX-MAT
C-LD-FTN Fountains, pools C-AX-BSN
C-LD-FUR Site furnishings, benches, garbage cans, etc. C-AX-MOB
C-LD-IRR Irrigation system C-AX-IRR
C-LD-IRR-PIP Irrigation system piping C-AX-IRR-TUY
C-LD-IRR-SYM Irrigation heads, controls, valves C-AX-IRR-SYM
C-LD-RWL Retaining walls C-AX-SOU
C-LD-SPO Equipment, sports facilities, goal nets, shooting targets, etc. C-AX-EQU
C-LD-STR Stairs (not attached to buildings) C-AX-ESC
C-LD-SWK Sidewalks C-AX-TRO
C-LD-TER Terraces, courtyards, patios (not attached to buildings) C-AX-TER
C-LD-TOE Toe of erosion control, armourstone, riprap, berms C-AX-BRV
C-LD-TOP Crest of erosion control, armourstone, riprap, berms C-AX-HRV
C-LD-TRL Trails, footpaths C-AX-SEN
C-LD-TXT Descriptive information text C-AX-TEX
C-NZ Natural Gas Distribution C-GN
C-NZ-MAN Natural gas manholes C-GN-PUA
C-NZ-MET Natural gas meters C-GN-CPT
C-NZ-PIP Natural gas pipelines C-GN-PIP
C-NZ-VAL Natural gas valves C-GN-VAN
C-OI Oil Distribution C-PE
C-OI-MAN Oil manholes C-PE-PUA
C-OI-MET Oil meters C-PE-CPT
C-OI-PIP Oil pipelines C-PE-PIP
C-OI-VAL Oil valves C-PE-VAN
C-PG Propane Gas Distribution C-GP
C-PG-MAN Propane gas manholes C-GP-PUA
C-PG-MET Propane gas meters C-GP-CPT
C-PG-PIP Propane gas pipelines C-GP-PIP
C-PG-VAL Propane gas valves C-GP-VAN
C-PR Profile Data C-PR
C-PR-HOR Horizontal profiles C-PR-HOR
C-PR-VER Vertical profiles C-PR-VER
C-RO Roads C-RO
C-RO-ACR Fire department access routes C-RO-URG
C-RO-ALI Alignment C-RO-TRC
C-RO-ASP Asphalt road C-RO-ASP
C-RO-BRD Bridges, overpasses, etc. C-RO-PON
C-RO-CLI Road centreline C-RO-MED
C-RO-CNT Highway construction staging C-RO-CNT
C-RO-GRL Guides, guard rails, median dividers, bollards C-RO-PRT
C-RO-GRV Gravel road C-RO-GRV
C-RO-GUT Gutter lines C-RO-CAN
C-RO-HWY Highway plan C-RO-TRR
C-RO-JER Jersey barrier C-RO-JER
C-RO-MRK Markings and road striping C-RO-MAC
C-RO-MSH Mass hauling diagrams C-RO-SCH
C-RO-RMP Ramps, on-ramps, loading docks, etc. C-RO-RAM
C-RO-ROD Drivable road limits (asphalt) road, lots C-RO-LIM
C-RO-ROD-APX Drivable road limits' approximate location C-RO-LIM-APX
C-RO-SHO Shoulders C-RO-ACT
C-RO-STG Staging layout plan C-RO-PHA
C-RO-STR Bridge abutments, piers, and supports C-RO-PIL
C-RO-SWK Sidewalks C-RO-TRO
C-RO-TRL Trails, footpaths C-RO-SEN
C-RO-TUN Road tunnels, underpasses, etc. C-RO-TUN
C-RO-TXT Road description, information text C-RO-TEX
C-RW Railways C-CF
C-RW-ALI Alignment C-CF-TRC
C-RW-CLI Rail centrelines C-CF-MED
C-RW-RAI Railway lines, switches C-CF-DIA
C-RW-STR Bridge abutments, piers, trestles, and supports C-CF-PIL
C-SA Sanitary Sewer C-ES
C-SA-CAT Drainage catch areas C-ES-BAV
C-SA-CLE Cleanout C-ES-RNT
C-SA-IND Industrial sewer C-ES-IND
C-SA-IOT Sanitary inlet outlet structure C-ES-SES
C-SA-MAN Sewer manholes, catch basins C-ES-PUA
C-SA-MAN-IDN Text regarding t/g elevation, inverts elevation, etc. C-ES-PUA-TEX
C-SA-PMP Pumping stations C-ES-PMP
C-SA-SEP Septic system C-ES-SEP
C-SA-SEP-FIL Septic field filling zone C-ES-SEP-REM
C-SA-SEP-PIP Septic field piping C-ES-SEP-TUY
C-SA-SEW Sewer lines system C-ES-EGO
C-SA-SEW-ABN Abandoned sanitary sewer lines C-ES-EGO-ABN
C-SA-SEW-CMB-MLI Combined main sewer lines C-ES-EGO-CMB-PRI
C-SA-SEW-CMB-SLI Combined service sewer lines C-ES-EGO-CMB-SEV
C-SA-SEW-MLI Main sanitary sewer lines C-ES-EGO-PRI
C-SA-SEW-SLI Sanitary service sewer lines C-ES-EGO-SEV
C-SA-SYM Junction symbols C-ES-SYM
C-SA-SYM-IDN Text description - type of junction C-ES-SYM-TEX
C-SA-TMT Sewage treatment areas C-ES-TEU
C-SA-TXT General text: length of sewer, slope, material, etc. C-ES-TEX
C-SF Natural Site Features C-CS
C-SF-DBR Debris, rubble, loose rock and soil C-CS-DEB
C-SF-MAR Marshes, wetlands C-CS-TEH
C-SF-PIT Borrow pit C-CS-BEM
C-SF-RMN Archaeological remnants C-CS-VST
C-SF-RMN-ABV Archaeological remnants above ground C-CS-VST-AUD
C-SF-RMN-UND Archaeological remnants underground C-CS-VST-SOU
C-SF-TRE Trees, tree lines C-CS-ARB
C-SF-TRE-TXT Text describing trees C-CS-ARB-TEX
C-SF-TXT Site feature description text C-CS-TEX
C-SF-WTR Natural boundaries watercourses, shorelines C-CS-LBM
C-SI Signs and Guideposts C-SI
C-SI-GDP Guideposts C-SI-POT
C-SI-SGL Sign layouts and details C-SI-DET
C-SI-TXT Signage text C-SI-TEX
C-SV Survey Control, Non-Legal C-LV
C-SV-BEN Local bench marks C-LV-RNL
C-SV-BND Non-legal boundaries C-LV-LIP
C-SV-CHN Chainage C-LV-CHI
C-SV-CLN Radial ties, traverse lines, control lines C-LV-LCH
C-SV-CPT Control points C-LV-POA
C-SV-CPT-HOR Horizontal control points C-LV-POA-HOR
C-SV-CPT-VER Vertical control points C-LV-POA-VER
C-SV-GRD Survey grid C-LV-QUA
C-SV-HOR Horizontal alignment C-LV-HOR
C-SV-LIM Limits of contract, non-legal C-LV-LIM
C-SV-LIN Survey feature connectivity line work C-LV-TRI
C-SV-MON Found monuments (non-legal) C-LV-RAR
C-SV-PAR Parcel line work (non-legal) C-LV-PAC
C-SV-PAR-TXT Parcel text (non-legal) C-LV-PAC-TEX
C-SV-SEL Super elevation C-LV-SUE
C-SV-SPT Survey points C-LV-POL
C-SV-SPT-PNT Survey points C-LV-POL-PTS
C-SV-SPT-ELV Survey point elevation C-LV-POL-ELV
C-SV-SPT-NUM Survey point number text C-LV-POL-NUI
C-SV-SPT-DES Survey point description C-LV-POL-DES
C-SV-STA Station equation labels C-LV-STA
C-SV-STA-IDN Station labels C-LV-STA-NUI
C-SV-STA-PNT Station points C-LV-STA-PTS
C-SV-STB Setbacks C-LV-MAR
C-SV-VER Vertical alignment C-LV-VER
C-SW Storm Water Drainage and Systems C-EP
C-SW-CAT Drainage catchments areas C-EP-BAV
C-SW-CUL Culverts C-EP-PON
C-SW-DCL Ditch centre lines C-EP-MED
C-SW-IOT Storm inlet outlet structure C-EP-SES
C-SW-MAN Catch basins, manholes C-EP-PUA
C-SW-MAN-IDN Manhole description text: elevation, direction C-EP-PUA-TEX
C-SW-MNG Storm water management pond C-EP-BSN
C-SW-PMP Pumping stations C-EP-PMP
C-SW-SEW Sewer lines system C-EP-EGO
C-SW-SEW-ABN Abandoned storm sewer lines C-EP-EGO-ABN
C-SW-SEW-MLI Storm main sewer lines C-EP-EGO-PRI
C-SW-SEW-SLI Storm service sewer lines C-EP-EGO-SEV
C-SW-SUB Subdrains C-EP-DRA
C-SW-SYM Junction symbols C-EP-SYM
C-SW-SYM-IDN Junction description text C-EP-SYM-TEX
C-SW-TXT Text describing length of sewer, slopes, material C-EP-TEX
C-TP Topographical Information C-TG
C-TP-MAJ Major contours C-TG-COP
C-TP-MIN Minor contours C-TG-COS
C-TP-SPT Spot elevation C-TG-POC
C-TP-SRF Surface model line work C-TG-MNT
C-TP-SRF-BRL Surface model break lines C-TG-MNT-LCO
C-TP-SRF-TXT Surface calculation text C-TG-MNT-TEX
C-TP-TOE Bank (toe) C-TG-BRV
C-TP-TOP Top of bank C-TG-HRV
C-VG Vegetation C-VG
C-VG-FLW-ANN Annual flowers C-VG-FLR-ANN
C-VG-FLW-PER Perennial flowers C-VG-FLR-VIV
C-VG-GCV Ground cover C-VG-CVS
C-VG-GCV-DEC Deciduous ground cover C-VG-CVS-CDC
C-VG-GCV-EVR Evergreen ground cover C-VG-CVS-PST
C-VG-GCV-ORN Ornamental ground cover C-VG-CVS-ORN
C-VG-GRS Grass area C-VG-PEL
C-VG-GRS-SED Seeded grass area C-VG-PEL-ESM
C-VG-GRS-SOD Sodded grass area C-VG-PEL-EGZ
C-VG-SRB-DEC Deciduous shrubs C-VG-ABT-CDC
C-VG-SRB-EVR Evergreen shrubs C-VG-ABT-PST
C-VG-SRB-ORN Ornamental shrubs C-VG-ABT-ORN
C-VG-TRE-DEC Deciduous trees C-VG-ARB-CDC
C-VG-TRE-ORN Flowering trees, fruit trees C-VG-ARB-ORN
C-WM Water and Fire C-CE
C-WM-FHY Fire hydrants C-CE-BOI
C-WM-FRL Fire lines C-CE-CAX
C-WM-MAN Manholes, storage, valves C-CE-PUA
C-WM-MAN-IDN Text describing; t/g elevation, t/pipe elevation C-CE-PUA-TEX
C-WM-PMP Pumping stations C-CE-PMP
C-WM-RAW Raw water lines C-CE-CEN
C-WM-SYM Junction symbols C-CE-SYM
C-WM-SYM-IDN Text describing type of junction C-CE-SYM-TEX
C-WM-TXT Water main descriptive text C-CE-TEX
C-WM-WEL Water wells C-CE-PUE
C-WM-WLI Water line C-CE-CED
C-WM-WLI-SLI Water service line C-CE-CED-SEV

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