PWGSC National CADD Standard

5.0 Annex A - CADD Layers

General Information

Table Summary

The Standard Layer List below lists the most-used layer names for the General Information defined under the PWGSC Layering Standard. New layer names can always be created using the field abbreviations and extensions listed in Annex B Layer Field Descriptions. The French abbreviations are listed just as a reference and should only be used on drawings annotated in French.

English Abvn Description French Abvn
G-DT Details G-DT
G-DT-DIM Detail, section, elevation dimensions G-DT-DIM
G-DT-HAT Detail, section, elevation hatching G-DT-HAC
G-DT-LIN Detail, section, elevation linework G-DT-TRI
G-DT-TXT Detail, section, elevation annotation, text G-DT-TEX
G-GL General G-GL
G-GL-SYM Symbols, key plan, north arrow, bar scale G-GL-SYM
G-GL-TXT Text, Callout blocks G-GL-TEX
G-GL-TXT-E English text G-GL-TEX-A
G-GL-TXT-F French text G-GL-TEX-F
G-GL-XRE External reference G-GL-XRE
G-LG Legend G-LE
G-LG-LIN Symbol legend line work G-LE-TRI
G-LG-TXT Symbol legend text G-LE-TEX
G-TL Title Block G-CT
G-TL-ATT Attributes for title block G-CT-ATT
G-TL-CRT Stamps, Certificates G-CT-CRF
G-TL-LIN Line work for title block G-CT-TRI
G-TL-RME Title block read me layer G-CT-LIS
G-TL-TBK Title block insertion Layer G-CT-CAR
G-TL-TXT Text for title block G-CT-TEX
G-TL-VPT Viewport boundaries G-CT-MET

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