PWGSC National CADD Standard

5.0 Annex A - CADD Layers


Table Summary

The Standard Layer List below lists the most-used layer names for the Mechanical discipline defined under the PWGSC Layering Standard. New layer names can always be created using the field abbreviations and extensions listed in Annex B Layer Field Descriptions. The French abbreviations are listed just as a reference and should only be used on drawings annotated in French.

English Abvn Description French Abvn
H-CS Control Systems H-SR
H-CS-AIR Control air piping H-SR-AIR
H-CS-EQP Control systems equipment H-SR-EQU
H-CS-SYM Control system symbols: thermostats, humidistat, sensors, etc. H-SR-SYM
H-CS-TXT Control system text H-SR-TEX
H-CS-WRG Control wiring H-SR-CAB
H-DW Domestic Water H-ED
H-DW-CLD Domestic cold water H-ED-EFR
H-DW-EQP Domestic water equipment: pumps, water softeners, filters, etc. H-ED-EQU
H-DW-FIX Plumbing fixtures H-ED-APP
H-DW-FIX-PRT Plumbing fixtures on partitions H-ED-APP-CLS
H-DW-HOT Domestic hot water H-ED-ECD
H-DW-HOT-RCL Domestic hot water recirculation H-ED-ECD-REC
H-DW-HOT-TNK Domestic hot water tanks H-ED-ECD-RSV
H-DW-ROW Reverse osmosis water (medical) H-ED-EOI
H-FP Fire Protection H-PI
H-FP-CEX Chemical extinguishing system H-PI-EXC
H-FP-CEX-EQP Chemical extinguishing equipment H-PI-EXC-EQU
H-FP-CEX-PIP Chemical extinguishing piping H-PI-EXC-TUY
H-FP-EPE Explosion-proof equipment H-PI-EQA
H-FP-EQP Fire protection equipment: fire hose cabinet, fire dampers, etc. H-PI-EQU
H-FP-FEX Foamed extinguishing system H-PI-EXM
H-FP-FEX-EQP Foamed extinguishing equipment H-PI-EXM-EQU
H-FP-FEX-PIP Foamed extinguishing piping H-PI-EXM-TUY
H-FP-SPK Sprinkler system H-PI-GIC
H-FP-SPK-EQP Sprinkler equipment H-PI-GIC-EQU
H-FP-SPK-PIP Sprinkler piping H-PI-GIC-TUY
H-FP-SPK-SYM Sprinkler system symbols: sprinkler heads, backflow preventer, etc. H-PI-GIC-SYM
H-FP-SPK-TXT Sprinkler system text H-PI-GIC-TEX
H-FP-SPK-ZNS Sprinkler system zones H-PI-GIC-ZON
H-FP-STP Standpipe system H-PI-CMG
H-FP-STP-EQP Standpipe equipment H-PI-CMG-EQU
H-FP-STP-PIP Standpipe piping H-PI-CMG-TUY
H-FP-SYM Fire protection symbols: fire extinguisher, hydrants Siameseconnections, etc. H-PI-SYM
H-FP-TXT Fire protection text H-PI-TEX
H-HC Heating and Cooling H-CH
H-HC-CHL Chilled water H-CH-ERF
H-HC-CHL-RET Chilled water return H-CH-ERF-RET
H-HC-CHL-SUP Chilled water supply H-CH-ERF-ALM
H-HC-CNV Convectors H-CH-CNV
H-HC-COT Cooling tower water H-CH-TRF
H-HC-COT-RET Cooling tower water return H-CH-TRF-RET
H-HC-COT-SUP Cooling tower water supply H-CH-TRF-ALM
H-HC-GLY-RET Glycol return H-CH-GLY-RET
H-HC-GLY-SUP Glycol supply H-CH-GLY-ALM
H-HC-HWA Heating water H-CH-ECF
H-HC-HWA-RET Heating water return H-CH-ECF-RET
H-HC-HWA-SUP Heating water supply H-CH-ECF-ALM
H-HC-HYD Hydronic equipment H-CH-HYD
H-HC-RAD Radiant heat tubing H-CH-RAY
H-HC-REF-EQP Refrigerant equipment H-CH-FRI-EQU
H-HC-RFG Refrigerant gas H-CH-GAF
H-HC-RFL Refrigerant liquid H-CH-FLF
H-HC-STM-EQP Steam equipment H-CH-VAP-EQU
H-HC-STM-RET Steam condensate (return) H-CH-VAP-RET
H-HC-STM-SUP Steam supply H-CH-VAP-ALM
H-PB Plumbing H-PB
H-PB-CMA Compressed air H-PB-AIC
H-PB-CMA-EQP Compressed air equipment H-PB-AIC-EQU
H-PB-CO2 Carbon dioxide gas H-PB-CO2
H-PB-DWV Drainage waste and vent system H-PB-REV
H-PB-DWV-SYM Symbols: roof drains, floor drains, etc. H-PB-REV-SYM
H-PB-DWV-VEN Ventilating circuit, vents H-PB-REV-EVE
H-PB-DWV-WST Drainage circuit H-PB-REV-EEU
H-PB-EQP Plumbing equipment: pumps, coils motors, grease interceptor, etc. H-PB-EQU
H-PB-FOI Fuel oil H-PB-MAZ
H-PB-FOI-EQP Fuel equipment H-PB-MAZ-EQU
H-PB-FOI-RET Fuel oil return H-PB-MAZ-RET
H-PB-FOI-SUP Fuel oil supply H-PB-MAZ-ALM
H-PB-FOI-VEN Fuel oil vent H-PB-MAZ-EVE
H-PB-HEG Helium gas H-PB-HEL
H-PB-HYG Hydrogen gas H-PB-HYG
H-PB-MAN Access holes H-PB-PUA
H-PB-MEG Methane gas H-PB-MTH
H-PB-NGA Natural gas H-PB-GAN
H-PB-NIT Nitrogen gas H-PB-AZO
H-PB-OXY Oxygen gas H-PB-OXY
H-PB-PGA Propane gas H-PB-GAP
H-PB-SYM Plumbing symbols: gauges, fittings, valves elbows, unions, reducer H-PB-SYM
H-PB-VAC Cleaning system, vacuum H-PB-NET
H-PP Fuel and Process Piping H-TC
H-PP-MAN Manholes fuelling stations H-TC-PUA
H-PP-PIP Fuel and process piping H-TC-TUY
H-PP-PMP Pumping stations H-TC-PMP
H-PP-TNK Fuel tanks H-TC-RSV
H-SM Mechanical Schematics and Riser Diagrams H-SM
H-SM-CSY Control system schematics H-SM-COM
H-SM-DRS Duct riser diagrams H-SM-CMC
H-SM-DUC Duct schematic diagrams H-SM-COD
H-SM-PIP Piping schematic diagrams H-SM-TUY
H-SM-PRS Piping riser diagrams H-SM-CMT
H-SM-WST Waste schematics H-SM-EEU
H-VA Ventilation and Air Conditioning H-VC
H-VA-COA Combustion air ductwork H-VC-ACO
H-VA-EQP Equipment: fans, dampers, coils, filters, etc. H-VC-EQU
H-VA-EXH Exhaust air system H-VC-AEV
H-VA-EXH-DUC Exhaust air ductwork H-VC-AEV-COD
H-VA-EXH-GRI Exhaust grilles H-VC-AEV-GRI
H-VA-INS Duct insulation, acoustical lining H-VC-ISO
H-VA-OTA Outside air system H-VC-AEX
H-VA-OTA-DUC Outside air ductwork H-VC-AEX-COD
H-VA-OTA-GRI Outside air grilles H-VC-AEX-GRI
H-VA-RET Return system H-VC-REP
H-VA-RET-DUC Return ductwork H-VC-REP-COD
H-VA-RET-GRI Return grills H-VC-REP-GRI
H-VA-SUP Supply system H-VC-AMA
H-VA-SUP-DIF Supply diffusers H-VC-AMA-DIF
H-VA-SUP-DUC Supply ductwork H-VC-AMA-COD
H-VA-VAV Variable air volume boxes H-VC-DAV
H-VA-VEN Flue, vent, breaching H-VC-EVE

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