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Learn about the project to restore the West Memorial Building, a classified heritage building.

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Project overview

344 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario
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Type of project
Lead department
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Prime Consultant
We awarded a contract for design and architectural services through a competitive procurement process to Moriyama & Teshima Architects and Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.
Construction Manager
We awarded EllisDon Corporation the construction management contract through a competitive procurement process.
A budget of over $1 billion has been identified for the entire program of work, which also includes restoring and modernizing the Supreme Court of Canada Building.
Project status
Construction stage
Next steps
The construction stage will continue until 2024.

Project description

The program of work includes modernizing and conserving the West Memorial Building and the Supreme Court of Canada Building.

The West Memorial Building will host the occupants and visitors of the Supreme Court of Canada Building while we restore and modernize that building.  

The West Memorial Building’s location, prominence and size make it a suitable selection for this role. The building has 20,000 square metres of useable space.

After the Supreme Court of Canada Building project is complete, we will use the West Memorial Building as long-term office space for future federal government occupants.

The West Memorial Building was built between 1954 and 1958. The government built it to honour Canadians who served their country during the Second World War.

The building has been vacant since 2008 and has never undergone major repairs or renovations.

To make the building a secure, modern and functional workspace for the operations of the Supreme Court and Federal Courts, major construction work will address the following:

Watch this video to learn more about the historic West Memorial Building and the project to conserve and modernize it.

Video transcript: West Memorial Building Rehabilitation Project

Start of clip

(On the screen, the West Memorial Building appears from right to left, as Bay, Wellington, and Lyon streets are shown consecutively.)

Built in the 1950s, the West Memorial Building and its sister, the East Memorial Building, are the Government of Canada’s primary tribute to those who lost their lives during the Second World War.

(On the screen, the view shows aerial footage of the building on which we can see cars and buses moving around on Wellington Street, in front of the West Memorial Building. The video then shifts to a 360° view of the West Memorial Building, which presents the Wellington, Bay, Sparks and Lyon streets building facades schemes in this particular order.)

After completing the rehabilitation of the East Memorial Building in March 1998, Public Services and Procurement Canada is now working on the West Memorial Building to make it a sustainable, modern and fully accessible workspace, while also conserving its heritage character.

(The next sequence shows aerial footage of the building taken directly on top of it, as the camera gradually zooms out to give an ensemble view of the building and the surrounding streets (Wellington, Bay, sparks and Lyon).)

The construction work on this “Classified” federal heritage building is scheduled to begin in fall 2019, with completion of the project in 2023.

(On the screen, we see an animation that shows every floor of the building one by one, from the basement to the roof.)

Once the rehabilitation is complete, the West Memorial Building will be a temporary home to the occupants of the Supreme Court of Canada Building while it undergoes its own rehabilitation.

(On the screen, the video shows aerial footage of the West Memorial Building taken from the Wellington Street façade. The footage shows the building from right (corner of Bay and Wellington streets) to left (corner of Lyon and Wellington streets).)

The long-term vision for this historical landmark in the downtown core of Ottawa is to serve as office space for public servants while remaining an important part of Canadian history.

(Public Services and Procurement Canada departmental signature)

(Canada wordmark)

End of clip


In April 2020, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) received the construction permit and began construction activities following strict COVID-19 safety measures. The construction stage will continue until 2024. 

This project will modernize the West Memorial Building to meet current building codes and conserve important heritage characteristics.

Construction activities underway

We are carrying out the following work:

Refer to the photo gallery below for images of ongoing construction.

Interior fit-up and construction milestones to be completed

Photo gallery

View photos of the building before and during construction. You can also look at architectural renderings of what it will look like once complete.

Click on the image to view a larger version.

State of building in 2017

Ongoing construction

Future state 3D architectural renderings

Benefits to Canadians

This construction project is providing local and national economic benefits. It has created many jobs in the following industries:

Over the long term, the space will be used to consolidate government operations and reduce the amount of office space leased by the Government of Canada for its employees.

This project makes it possible to add new green measures to the heritage building. This aligns with the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.

The design for the West Memorial Building project received a certificate of achievement for green design. The design was rated with 4 Green Globes in July 2020.

Project background

Memorial Colonnade

As part of a separate project, we are repairing, conserving and protecting the Memorial Colonnade, which links the East and West Memorial Buildings.

The main entryway to the West Memorial Building is adjacent to the Memorial Colonnade. As such, we need to finish the Memorial Colonnade project before occupants can move into the West Memorial Building.

The Memorial Colonnade project is at the schematic design phase. We continue to consult with and inform the National Capital Commission on the project.

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