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Gatineau, Quebec
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Project description

We are investing in key strategic assets, including Portage III, to provide federal public servants with workplaces that are:

About Portage III

The Portage III complex is the largest of four buildings that constitute Place du Portage. It currently serves as Public Services and Procurement Canada’s (PSPC) headquarters.

The complex was built between 1973 and 1978. It consists of:

Portage III renewal project

This project consists of a complete overhaul of both the inside and outside of the building. As part of the planned midlife renewal work, we are doing much-needed renovations and are replacing systems that have reached the end of their useful life.

The project includes:

Modernizing the workplace

The Portage III project considers Government of Canada priorities, including:

Current low-angle daytime view of the north side of the Portage III building

The renewed Portage III building is being designed to meet the modern workplace standard for the Government of Canada, known as GCworkplace. GCworkplace offers greater flexibility in where and how people work. It will also enable PSPC to meet the needs of a post-pandemic workforce and to ensure that workplaces continue to be as flexible as possible to accommodate a hybrid workforce.

Phases of project

The Portage III Asset and Workplace Renewal (AWR) Project is divided into two phases and will consist of renovations to the inside and the outside of the building.

Phase 1 (2018 to 2027) is currently underway. It will address the interior workplace refit of the western towers (C1, C2, D and B3) by 2024, and base building systems throughout the complex by 2027.

Phase 2 (2024 to 2027) will address the interior workplace refit of the eastern towers (A1, A2, B1, B2 and E).

An aerial shot of Portage III with colour-coding indicating the two phases in which the work will be carried out for the complex, description below
Image description

An aerial shot of Portage III with colour-coding indicating the project phases for the complex:

Project design

Portage III is a recognized federal heritage building. The design of the renewed building respects heritage considerations, particularly the renovation to the exterior building envelope. We will keep most of the interior works of art that are considered as heritage. We will also integrate Indigenous design elements that will enrich the building and pay homage to the human history of the site.

Internal renovations

Inside the building, the project includes the following elements.

Modernizing the workplace

The modern activity-based workplace will promote collaboration, flexibility, wellness and accessibility for users. It will include elements such as height-adjustable electric work surfaces and ergonomic furniture.

Renovating the complex

The renovated commercial level will include amenities for employees, like:

The renovated complex will also include:

Making the complex more accessible

We will install accessibility features such as:

Making the complex more sustainable

We will make the complex more environmentally sustainable by adding the following features:

External renovations

Outside the building, the project includes the following elements.

A new accessible entrance and the complete revamping of the main entrance

We will build a new accessible entrance at the northwest corner of the Laurier Street and Maisonneuve Boulevard intersection. The main entrance on Laurier Street will be completely revamped to be accessible from street level.


Landscaping around the complex and between Portage III and Portage IV will improve mobility and allow for better integration into its immediate environment.

A new energy-efficient building envelope

We will install a new energy-efficient building envelope. We will be increasing the insulation in the walls and roofs, and will install new bird-friendly triple-pane windows. These features will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 24% compared to 2017 levels.

New exterior lighting

We will install exterior lighting as part of the project.

Key milestones

Benefits to Canadians

Over the span of eight years, the project is expected to generate about 13,300 direct, indirect and induced person years of employment.

This includes:

Once renewed, the complex will integrate with its downtown surroundings. It will facilitate mobility, transit, and access to nearby businesses and municipal facilities.

Project background

Accommodate more workers

The Place du Portage complex was built in the 1970s. Due to the age of the building, its base building elements need to be replaced.

Before modernizing, the Portage III complex accommodated 4,773 full-time employees from PSPC and Shared Services Canada. The Portage III AWR project will transform the complex to accommodate at least 8,845 people and to meet the needs of a modern workplace.

Environmentally sustainable

Inspired by the Government of Canada’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are leading by example by greening our own operations. Specifically, once renewed, the Portage III complex will be net-zero carbon and meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold requirements.

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