Rideau Falls Dam Complex: Rehabilitation project

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Find out about the repair project for the Rideau Falls Dam Complex.

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Project overview

Ottawa, Ontario
Locate the Rideau Falls Dam Complex on a map
Type of project
Repairs to the Rideau Falls Dam Complex
Lead department
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Construction firms
Clearwater Structures Inc.
The Government of Canada uses a fair, open and transparent tendering process to award construction contracts.
$2 million
Project status
In progress
Next steps
Construction work is set to begin in September 2017.

Project description

The Rideau Falls Dam Complex is comprised of an east and west dam constructed in the 1800s to manage water levels on the Rideau River. The east dam was partially replaced in 1968, and the west dam was entirely reconstructed in 1998.

This repair project addresses concrete defects at both the east and west dams caused by regular wear and tear. Repair work includes:

The design for the repair work was done by CIMA+, an engineering consulting firm.

On August 23, 2017, a contract for the rehabilitation work was awarded to Clearwater Structures Inc.

The construction is set to begin in September 2017 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

Benefits to Canadians

Modern public infrastructure helps improve the environment, make communities safer and strengthen the economy.

The complex is located near Ottawa’s downtown core, close to the Prime Minister’s residence and the French Embassy, and is well known to locals and frequently visited by tourists. The dams will continue to safely operate during the rehabilitation project.

Project background

Located in Ottawa, where the Rideau River flows into the Ottawa River, the dams regulate water levels and flows in the Rideau River between Hog’s Back Falls and Rideau Falls.

Each spring the dams are involved in the City of Ottawa’s ice clearing operations. Ice clearing prevents ice jams and minimizes damage to utility lines, bridge structures, park land, homes and other buildings along the banks of the Rideau River.

Public Services and Procurement Canada owns the early-19th-century hydroelectric power generating station on the east bank of the east dam and leases it to Hydro Ottawa.

The department manages water levels in coordination with Parks Canada and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. A contractor operates flow control equipment at the dams, which consists of mechanical gates at 2 sluices as well as stop logs at 10 other sluices.

Enlarged image of the aerial view of the Rideau Falls Dam Complex
Enlarged image of the view of the east dam of the Rideau Falls Dam Complex
Enlarged image of the view of the west dam of the Rideau Falls Dam Complex

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