New federal building in Shawinigan: construction project

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Learn about the construction of a new building on the current site of the National Verification and Collections Centre of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in Shawinigan.

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Project overview

4695 Shawinigan-Sud Boulevard, Shawinigan, Quebec
Type of project
Construction of a new building that meets sustainable development requirements
Dismantling of the existing building and construction of the parking lot
Lead department
Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)
Firms responsible

Gagnon, Letellier, Cyr, Ricard, Mathieu et associés, architectes, S.E.N.C., Coarchitecture Inc., en consortium

Pomerleau Inc.

Project status
Construction in progress
Next step
Demolition of the current building and construction of the parking lot will take place after the construction of the new building.

Project description

PSPC will be this building’s owner.

The project is carried out in project-management mode, which means there is a collaboration between PSPC, the architecture and engineering consultant and the managing construction contractor.

This approach makes it possible to create efficiencies and begin the construction before the design work is completed.

Adaptation to federal employee needs

Given the new reality of hybrid workplace, this new building will provide a modern workplace that is better aligned with the current and future space needs identified by the federal departments housed on-site to optimize space occupancy.

Approximately 2,100 employees will work in the new building. These employees work for:

  • CRA
  • Social Development Canada
  • Shared Services Canada

Sustainable development and energy efficiency

In order to meet the government’s new sustainable development requirements, the new building will be constructed for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold and BOMA BEST Gold certifications.

The building will:

  • generate 99% less greenhouse gases (GHG) than the existing building
  • use 100% clean electricity
  • use less water than the current building
  • be resilient to climate change

We expect the building to be 25% more efficient than National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings requirements. Major construction materials will be selected to reduce their impact on GHG emissions. Over 90% of construction waste from the new building and dismantling of the existing building will be diverted from landfill.

This project will be completed in compliance with sustainable development principles:

  • existing green spaces will be protected and maintained, and existing paved areas will be restored to their natural state
  • landscaping will allow rainwater to seep into the ground so that less water is discharged into municipal sewers
  • light-emitting diode (LED) interior lighting with motion detectors will reduce energy consumption. Outdoor lighting fixtures will be selected to minimize light pollution


  • On February 4, 2019, the Government of Canada announced the construction of a new federal building in Shawinigan
  • Following fair, open and transparent tendering processes, we have awarded:
    • a contract to Gagnon, Letellier, Cyr, Ricard, Mathieu et associés, architectes, S.E.N.C., Coarchitecture Inc., en consortium for architecture and engineering services
    • a contract for construction management services to Pomerleau Inc. for the:
      • construction of the building
      • dismantling of the existing building
      • construction of a parking lot
  • On July 23, 2021, the Government of Canada unveiled the new building’s architectural design
  • On June 3, 2022, we held a groundbreaking ceremony to launch the construction work of the new building
  • The construction of the new building, which will replace the existing building, has begun in spring 2022

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Follow the progress of this project with the on-site camera.

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