Les Terrasses de la Chaudière complex: Renovating and modernizing

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Learn about some of the major projects happening and planned to renovate and modernize the Les Terrasses de la Chaudière (LTDLC) complex.

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Overview of projects

Gatineau, Quebec
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Project status
The 5 main projects to modernize LTDLC are at various stages, from feasibility to construction. The construction stage will continue through the early 2030s.

Description of projects

These are the 5 major construction, repair and renovation projects to modernize the complex:

  1. Replacing the exterior (envelope replacement project)
  2. Repairing and modernizing the parking garage
  3. Modernizing the interior: GCworkplace
  4. Renewing the base building systems
  5. Redeveloping the site

1. Replacing the exterior (envelope replacement project)

Status of the project: design phase

Design work is underway on a new exterior cladding for the complex. This design will transform LTDLC into a modern and energy-efficient structure. In terms of appearance, the future complex will feature a predominantly glass and aluminum façade.

Once design work is complete, construction will begin to replace the entire exterior of the complex. This work will address health and safety risks associated with the deteriorating exterior brick. This project will replace the exterior walls of the following towers:

  • Promenade du Portage
  • 15 Eddy
  • 25 Eddy
  • 10 Wellington

Exterior brick inspection

Every year, we inspect the bricks for safety and do any repairs needed. We will continue to inspect and repair the bricks until the entire exterior is replaced.

Removing overhead protection

When we discovered that the aging exterior was deteriorating, we installed overhead protection systems and closed the courtyard. The overhead protection will be removed as we replace the exterior. The courtyard will be reopened once the complex is fully modernized.

Energy-efficient windows

We will install new windows that will provide better insulation. These new windows will have multiple panes of energy-efficient glass. They will be better at keeping the cold out during the winter and keeping the cool in during the summer.

Effect on roads and bus routes

We will work with the City of Gatineau and the Société de transport de l’Outaouais to minimize impacts on the general public and employees working at the complex.

Start of construction

We expect construction to begin tentatively in fall 2022. Schedule updates will be communicated as design work progresses.

2. Repairing and modernizing the parking garage

Status of the project: completed

We completed the modernization of the parking garage in December of 2020. In addition to doing major structural repairs, we installed new:

  • ventilation systems
  • heating systems
  • electrical components

We also added new features to make the garage more environmentally sustainable, such as:

  • 355 bike racks
  • 17 electric vehicle charging stations
  • energy-efficient lighting (light-emitting diode [LED])

3. Modernizing the interior: GCworkplace

Status of the project: phase 1 construction

We are modernizing the interior of the complex following GCworkplace standards. The project is called the GCworkplace: A modern workplace for the new public service, and it will be done in phases over a 10-year period. We will do this work in parallel with the other projects being carried out.

The GCworkplace modernization program will give employees greater flexibility in where and how they work and is designed to enhance productivity. The new workplaces will have sustainable and energy-efficient features and meet accessibility standards.

Phase 1 of the of the project will continue through 2023. In this phase, we will modernize approximately 33,294 square metres of office space and accommodate an estimated 2,460 full-time employees. The program will accommodate employees who have been temporarily displaced by construction with telework options.

We have already renovated 3 areas at 15 and 25 Eddy. There is:

  • 3,187 square metres of available space on the 5th floor, accommodating approximately 255 workspaces
  • 2,261 square metres on the 15th floor for 178 workspaces
  • 5,613 square metres on the 6th floor for 473 workspaces assigned to a client department


We consulted with people who will work in the new GCworkplace offices to understand their needs. Consultations included town halls, tenant meetings, surveys and questionnaires. In response, we are providing change management support services to facilitate the transition to a GCworkplace environment and to address issues expressed by occupants.

Design considerations

We are also working with clients to maximize Indigenous design considerations, such as:

  • inclusivity
  • medicine wheel inspiration
  • features
  • finishes

4. Renewing the base building systems

Status of the project: planning phase

We are renewing and replacing the base building systems. This will help us meet future needs and achieve government sustainability targets.

The project includes repairing, upgrading or replacing the following systems:

  • heating and cooling
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • elevator
  • building automation and lighting control

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The new systems will be more modern and will use energy more efficiently. Our overall target is for the complex to have net-zero carbon emissions.

5. Redeveloping the site

Status of the project: planning phase

We are improving the following parts of the complex that are open to the public:

  • landscape
  • courtyard
  • ground floor
  • retail spaces

This project will address long-outstanding issues with the way that people and materials move around the site.

View this architectural drawing of the exterior of the complex. Note that the image is for illustrative purposes only.

Aerial view of an architectural drawing of Les Terrasses de la Chaudière complex

Benefits to Canadians

The modernization of the LTDLC complex will ensure a safe and modern environment for federal employees, occupants, tenants, visitors and passersby. The project will also extend the service life of a key federal asset. It will contribute to sustainability targets and our goal to produce net-zero carbon emissions.

Contracts awarded

Prime consultants

We awarded 2 contracts for design and architectural services through competitive procurement processes:

  • the first one to NORR for the GCworkplace interior modernization project
  • the second one to BBB Architects Ottawa Inc., Adamson Associates in Joint Venture for the exterior envelope replacement project

BGIS manages the NORR contract on behalf of PSPC. This is done under a Real Property 1 (RP-1) arrangement.

Construction managers

We awarded 2 construction management contracts through competitive procurement processes to PCL Constructors Eastern Inc.:

  • for the exterior envelope replacement project
  • for phase 1 of the GCworkplace interior modernization project

BGIS manages the GCworkplace contracts on behalf of PSPC under an RP-1 arrangement.

Environmental services

We awarded 2 contracts for environmental services through competitive procurement processes:

  • the first one to Englobe for the exterior envelope replacement project
  • the second one to InAir for the GCworkplace project

BGIS manages the InAir contract on behalf of PSPC under an RP-1 arrangement.

Commissioning services

We awarded 1 commissioning services contract to WSP Canada Inc. for the envelope replacement project. We expect to award a commissioning services contract for the GCworkplace project. We will announce the GCworkplace contract when it is awarded.

Other contracts

Additional service contracts are anticipated to undertake the complete modernization of the complex. We will announce them as we award them.

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