Glossary on federal properties for sale

From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

This glossary on federal properties for sale will help you understand the meaning of the various terms used in a detailed federal property listing.

Site fields

Land area
Total land area of the site in hectares (1 hectare = 2.47 acres).
The legal mechanism used by local, regional and territorial governments to regulate the use of real property through the designation of zones that limit the type and intensity of development permitted. Contact the local municipal office for specific details.
Parking spaces
Total number of parking spaces available for vehicle parking including exterior and interior spaces.
Current or recent use
Current or most recent predominant use of the property.

Building fields

Building count
Total number of buildings situated on the site.
Total floor area
Total floor area in square metres (1 square metre = 10.7 square feet) for all buildings on the site.
Main occupant
Name of person or organization which is currently the main occupant of the site.
Main occupant's expiry date
Termination date of the agreement for the main occupant's use of the site.
Other occupants
Names of persons or organizations that are not the main occupants of the site.
Construction year
Year of the original construction for the buildings on site. Plus, if applicable, the years of any major additions to the building.
Major renovation years
Years of any major improvements made to the building. This excludes major additions.
Federal heritage designation
All federally owned buildings 40 years old or older must be evaluated by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office (FHBRO) as to their heritage designation prior to undertaking any action that may affect heritage character. This evaluation results in a building being designated as "Classified", "Recognized" or "Not federal heritage." A federal building may also be designated by a provincial, territorial, and/or municipal government. Contact the provincial or territorial heritage agency or local municipal office for further information

Operational fields

Payment in lieu of taxes
Federal properties are not subject to municipal property taxes. Instead, the Government of Canada makes annual voluntary payments to municipalities under the terms of the Payments in Lieu of Taxes Act.
Annual operating costs
Total operation and maintenance expenses for the property (land and/or buildings) during the most recent fiscal year.

Contact information fields

Listing agent
Name of the agent authorized to list and market the property.
Office telephone number of listing agent.
Office facsimile number for listing agent.
Electronic mail address of listing agent.
Listing broker
Name of brokerage firm authorized to list and market the property.
Listing agent website
Link to the property description on the listing agent or broker website.

Related link field

Link to the property description in the Treasury Board of Canada’s directory of federal real property.

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