LaSalle Causeway

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Learn about the LaSalle Causeway, which links downtown Kingston to Pittsburgh Township near the mouth of the Cataraqui River.

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About the causeway

The Bascule Bridge on the LaSalle Causeway. The Bascule Bridge is in open position

The LaSalle Causeway is considered part of Highway 2. It connects the city of Kingston to its eastern suburbs.

The causeway consists of 5 interconnecting engineered structures:

The West Bridge and the East Bridge are 2 fixed bridges located at each end of the causeway, with the Bascule Bridge spanning the central channel.

The West Wharf contains the site office and workshop for the bridge and the operator control station for the Bascule Bridge.   

The LaSalle Causeway links downtown Kingston to Pittsburgh Township near the mouth of the Cataraqui River.

The Cataraqui River is the southern entrance to the Rideau Canal, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The LaSalle Causeway provides marine access to the canal and the inner harbour of Kingston.

Top view of the LaSalle Causeway, including the Bascule Bridge

Key milestones

The causeway has undergone various structural changes over the years:

Operations of the bridge

The Bascule Bridge operates during the boating season from May to November. It lifts on the hour between 6 am and 10 pm for pleasure craft according to the schedule below.




Approximately 23,000 vehicles cross the causeway daily. To relieve congestion, lifting for marine traffic is restricted during rush hours. With its urban setting, the causeway also carries many cyclists and pedestrians.

Information for motorists and other traffic

If you have questions about current and upcoming closures or lane reductions on the LaSalle Causeway, consult our media advisories.

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